The Journey

I got married on 5 December 1998

We initially didn’t plan, as we wanted the picked white fence house, the car and everything before starting a family. I suppose we thought that by the time we had all this we would be ready.

In 2000, I had a laparoscopy done by my gynecologist, and the results were clear. I didn’t have any cysts or endometriosis, so we proceeded to try naturally without success

October - December 2005 – Laparoscopy / Hysteroscopy done, planning naturally

In November 2007 we had our first appointment at Vitalab, which revealed low sperm mobility and quality - hubby started Sperm-aid and Stamina grow, we also had some blood work done – a whole series of them - so we tried naturally for a while (but I used Fertiboost which sorted out my cycles)

I was scheduled for a HCG which were completed and revealed a kink which has to be fixed (but it was also explained that this shouldn’t be the problem that we cant seem to fall pregnant) so we decided to leave it first until we could see a positive as till now we had no sign that there could even be a positive showing up soon.

  • December 2007 - Slow Cyst found on Left Ovary – not removed
  • Continue Fertiboost January 2008 - May 2008
  • Chinese Herbalist and acupuncturist May 2008 - December 2008 all resulted in a BFN
  • Moved over to Gynomed (personal choice) as it’s easier to get there and back to the office
  • More Blood work done and SA done - January 2009
  • Un Medicated IUI 1 - and doing acupuncture -Feb 2009 - BFN
  • Un Medicated IUI 2 - and doing acupuncture -March 2009 - BFN
  • Un Medicated IUI 3 - and doing acupuncture April 2009 -BFN
Elective break
  • Un Medicated IUI 3 - and doing acupuncture June 2009 -BFN
  • Homeopathic Medicated cycle -July 2009 - BFN
  • Homeopathic Medicated cycle -August 2009 - BFN
  • Homeopathic Medicated cycle - September 2009 - BFN
  • Homeopathic Medicated cycle - October 209 - BFN
  • Homeopathic Medicated cycle - November 2009 - BFN
  • Homeopathic Medicated cycle - January 2010 - BFN
Decided to grab the bull by the horn again
  • Medicate IUI 1 - Pre and Post Ovulation (discovered progesterone and estrogen deficiencies) - Feb 2010 -BFN
  • Medicated IUI 2 - Pre and Post Ovulation - March 2010 - BFN
  • Medicated IUI 3 - Pre and Post Ovulation - April 2010 - BFN
  • Medicated IUI 4 - Pre and Post Ovulation - May 2010 - BFN
Elective break
Saving money for a possible IVF and having some issues to get time off work to go for treatment

Next steps – trying to go back for treatment and Laparoscopy / Hysteroscopy