24 August 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

I have 15 Lovely Blog awards to bestow upon a few bloggers, a blog award I received from Are we there yet. Thank you very much for this blog award.
Now without any further ado, this is the rules and my list of deserving bloggers:
Rule 1: Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
Rule 2: Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered
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21 August 2009


Hi there,

Well I haven’t really been able to write anything the last couple of weeks or month maybe, but I’ve really been so hectic at work.

Like most of you would know I have changed jobs and the project that I am currently working on takes 24 hours of my day and I just don’t have any more time for myself, even though I try to make time, but hey that’s not what I want to talk about today or shall I say I don’t want to talk about the job.

Well I’ve had a couple of discussions on this side regarding us planning for a bigger family, and was asked to provide more feedback on how it works. I did, however I will not be able to leave the office like I use to, nor will I be able to go as and when I need to. Currently working hours is from 8:15 – 16:30, and there is just no way that I am able to get to a clinic either before or after the hours. So hubby and I debated it for a while, and I know this might seem desperate, but we couldn’t let a whole year pass before we plan again. I mean we really looked through all possibilities, but just couldn’t find a clinic that will be able to assist. So we decided to go to a homeopath again.

I know you might say it’s a waist of time, but I think it brings me peace of mind, and for now that is what I need because I’ll just stress about it if we don’t do anything. I know that I can’t get my hopes up, but somehow I also need to remain positive.

So anyway last night was our first appointment at the homeopath (who is open odd hours… off cause this is great for me) and I enjoyed the experience. When we arrived, we signed in, and then went into her rooms and she did a proper examination on both me and hubby. I got 2 injections on both of my sides, just above my ovaries, and hubby also got 2 injections on the sides…. Nice hey, at least hubby is also going through puncturing… he has never been treated, and this is the first time that he actually gets as much attention as what I’m getting. Obviously he got treated in terms of providing him with a couple of tablets to swallow but that was the only treatment he got. Anyway, after all the injections, blood pressure and sugar test etc we then left the rooms and had to wait in reception while she prepared the medication / herbs for us. We sat there about 45min, and then she came out with a couple of bottles in different bags. To start off with hubby takes some tablets in the morning and at night, he also got some or other syrup which he has to use once a day in the morning, oooo and believe me, the stuff smells terrible. Then we have some tablets for detocs and stress relieves which we both have to use, and off because I got my own. I also got a couple of tablets which I take at night and in the mornings, one of these tablets I have to use from day 1 – 4 and then from day 5 -14 of my cycle I also use a syrup which smells worse that hubbys', and then from day 15 – 28 I use the tablets again… then weekly we’ll be going back for our injections. Well this will continue for about 3 months where after the Dr will decide whether we will change herbs or remain on the existing herbs.

Then off cause I got a lovely cross pendant, which I can wear, and hubby bought me a bracelet as they was selling it from the shop in the wellness centre. The cross was lying with a little prayer, and when we saw it, it made us think that this could be a great reminder for us. It reads:

Our Father, please hear the prayer of this infertile. You know our deepest whishes and desires and most of all the desire of our own little child.

Father guide us in all our choices, give us the blessing of your love, give us the courage and a little one to hold, to love to cherish and care for,

Please dear Father Grant that my body may conceive and give birth to our healthy, beautiful baby, please Father in good time, grant us our new life.

In Christ’s name,


I really thought this is truly something special for both me and P and the poem truly reflect our prayers and desire, and we believe that we conceive in good time, but sometimes it’s just not so easy to wait for the good time…

So for now ladies and gents, I will not be able to provide you with any information on Clinical / Medical procedures, but I’ll only be able to share what we will be going through moving forward in terms of homeopathic treatment, but I hope that you will still stop by my blog and that I’ll still hear from you.

Well that’s the information from my side for now.

Take care!

16 August 2009


Hi there you all, Apologies for not being able to write anything these days. Like some of you would know, I have changed jobs recently, and from that move I landed up in a major project which takes up all of my free time at work as well as home free time, but I'm not complaining as I truly enjoy the job that I have now... I will try and make some time during the week to post something decent. Enjoy the week ahead