24 November 2009


Hi there,

Okay so I thought I will share a bit of what is happening in my life at the moment…

The BIG BIG 30, is on its way, just a couple of days to go and then I’ll be in my dirty thirties

So while this is happening, on the 5th of December I’ll be married for 11 years as well.

P and I decided that we will plan a bit of a family and friend gathering, which initially started off very rocky, as one of my projects consumed most of my time and I really didn’t have any time to spend on these arrangements. I phoned so many venues, caterers and decorators, that I really didn’t keep track of everyone I spoke to. Never the less I didn’t seem to find someone that I could really say met everything I was looking for. There are stunning venues, the problem for me was that most of the food, d├ęcor etc turned out to be close to 100% the look and feel of a wedding, and this off cause was something I really didn’t want. I didn’t want to have a wedding all over again, nor do I want to have that same look and feel. Sherry fountains were out, sit down meals was out, draping and lighting was the least bit on my mind.

So anyway, after speaking to this one venue that actually did a lot of investigation she came up with a wonderful idea, however the amount I had to pay to entertain 70 guests was so ridiculous. How can you pay approximately R800 per person and that excludes dessert and drinks.

The alternative was to just do it myself.

So ya that’s where I am, I am planning a 30th and anniversary party for the 5th of December, and all but 9 guests will make it, which means I have 61 people to entertain the night. The food has been arranged, the drinks, the snacks, the venue, the welcome drink punch and the best of all, the music. Of cause nothing like a wedding, it’s a braai, salads, pot breads, proper snacks and hopefully lots of fun. I’m feeling a bit more relieved now that all the payments and planning has been completed, and now all I have to do is pick up a few stuff on the Saturday and bobs your uncle! Then we still had to plan for all the family to sleep over, and no one really wanted to be pushed into a guest house. So the idea is that most of them will fit into the house, and the youngsters will then camp out in the yard (ha youngsters… I don’t feel that old to be called old) and then I have my dear best friend also sleeping over. I’m so glad she is able to make it!

Okay then hubby decided last night that it’s perfect timing for us to not camp out in tents anymore (Which by the way I liked, because it seemed to have a very relaxing effect on me) but he then wanted to buy a Caravan. So off to the dealer we went last night after looking at the one caravan on the internet, he especially came and unlocked it for us at 18:00 last night, and we so loved the one. So we officially paid the holding deposit, and will be able to collect and pay the balance on Saturday next week (Which of cause is the day of the party), then we have to wait for 5 days and off we go camping for a full 9 days…. YIPPY!

This is what is happening in my life at this time in a nutshell.

Hope to write back soon