17 May 2010


Thanks for all the good wishes and sending my **good vibes** and baby dust I really appreciated it. Unfortunately I'm counting another BFN on my Charts...


Okay so the whole weekend I've been wondering whether I should test or not test, but I thought let me be a good girl and wait it out as I would have needed to wait a additional 2 days anyway. Today is CD26 and Dr requested the test for today.

So a lot of people are asking me how I feel... and really how do I feel. I'm hoping and praying, I can’t really think of anything else at this stage and I'm sore. My breasts are still so tender that some nights I wake up when I turned because of something touching my breasts. Overall that's the only thing that's really bugging me except for a little bit of slight cramps on my left side but I really can't say what this feeling is, and now it's time to wait my couple of hours and receive my results

Will keep you posted

10 May 2010


On Wednesday night after work and on my way home later than usual, my best friend from school phoned and invited us over for supper. It was so glad that she invited us over as I really didn’t feel like preparing anything. I desperately needed the sleep as I had evening classes on Monday and Tuesday, and I felt a bit stressed out for the IUI, so off we went. After we ate and sat and watched a movie with them it was time to go. We all gathered outside and her 2 children greeted us like they always do (They are such loveable children) my friend gave me a big hug and wished us luck for Thursday. She then grabbed our hand and asked everyone to stand there and hold hands while she will say a prayer, however as she started the tears took over and I could actually see how emotional she is about what we are experiencing. It is such an honor to have a friend like this. She is such an amazing person and I’m truly blessed to have her in my life.

So Thursday morning started very bright and early, and P and I had to rush off to the Clinic seeing that it a bit of travel for us. Got there P delivered our little swimmers and then off he went as his boss is kind of funny with him wanting to be late and be with me. So I told him to just go I don’t want any issues at this stage of my life. Anyway so Pre-ovulation IUI was done. I am a bit skeptical as the Ovulation predictors kit showed that I ovulated already. Then again Friday morning myself and P went very early, dear hubby was such a sweetie, he then once again delivered our little swimmers and this time round he had breakfast before he had to rush off to work, which left me feeling a bit in a better mood than Thursday.

So eventually I returned to the Clinic and had to sit and wait for my turn. When I went into the little procedure room I sat and waited for Dr to arrive and felt very teary eye. Starting to question everything in my head, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to give myself the answers, but I really had all these questions. Dr Then stepped in, he completed the IUI and off he went to the next room. While I was laying there all kind of emotions got the better of me as I lay their and having a little cry. I don’t know why I feel like crying but I do. Afterwards I picked up my progesterone cram and Utrogestan tablets and headed to work where I have a jam packed day filled with lots of issues.

Of cause the weekend follows all of this, and let me tell you what an exhausting weekend but it was fun. My friends little girl played netball and my godchild rugby, and it’s so amazing to see these little once try their utmost best at this weird and wonderful game. So Saturday morning was my first day of progesterone cream and the night my first Utrogestan, which didn’t leave me with any side effects, except for the fact that my breasts are so tender that even the water from the shower makes me want to cry. I have never experienced so much tenderness in my breasts ever before. It’s been to such extend that I kept on waking up during the night whenever I moved or turned. I don’t know why it feels like this, but what I do know is that I’ll have a couple of sleepless nights till the tenderness settles.

SO LADIES AND GENTS… my 2WW (2 Week Wait) has officially started and I will be testing sooner thought as Dr is a bit concerned so I will test on cycle day 26 which is 17 May 2010.

Wish me luck and send me tons of baby dust I really need it!

A photo of me and my best friend S (S is the lady on the right)

05 May 2010


Herewith a very quick update on what happened last night. I added it into one comment but not sure if you’ll see it.

So last night while I was on training, I really had to inject my Ovidrel injection, however seeing that I’m always to scared to just inject myself I normally go to the closes emergency service but this time I really couldn’t as I had training during the time period in which I had to do the injection. So off I went. First I sat down, I could feel my body starting to shake from nervousness I pinched the skin on my stomach and I thought now or never and I stuck it in.

I have to say it actually felt better that someone else injecting you. It didn’t feel as sore.

So ladies and gentlemen MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I DID IT!

04 May 2010


Okay so I have class tonight till 9:30 and it so happens that I have to get my Ovidrel injection between 19:00 – 20:00. Hmmm so what am I going to do? I suppose the only thing I can do is to brace myself… and just go for the prick Stef, just go for it.

JIP, like you all know I have never been able to inject myself, and today I’m forced. O my, o my, o my please let me just build up the courage to do this

03 May 2010


Okay so this morning was my CD12 scan, and I was really not in the best of moods. See I’ve been going to our local hospital for my injections every morning and so I managed to have found the most insensitive sister you could ever have. Last week she was asking me when we will decide to just let it go and give up and then on Saturday she asked why I rather don’t go to my house doctor to get the injections. Man let me tell you both times I really had to bite my lip, as I would have attacked her and most likely would have end up in jail. So this morning I phoned the Head Sister in the emergency services and explained everything to her and told her that I really didn’t appreciate these comments and that next time I will not bite my lip, but I’ll say the most rudest thing to her I could think of at that moment…. And now I’ll be thinking of that comment and be prepared….!

Now back to CD12, I really like my Doctor, at the most darkest times he really tries his best to make you feel so much better, he asked me how the injections was, explained again how I should administer them myself and then after I told him about my bad experience at the hospital he said…. “Stuff the people…. We are the people, and don’t you let anyone tell you what to do. It’s all in your hands” so off I went after this discussion and went for my scan. On my left side I didn't stimulate and there are many follies, but they are so small, they will not grow quick enough, then on my right side there are 2 nice follies. One measuring 15.1 and the other 17.3, so I’ll be going for my Ovidrel injection tomorrow night, but seeing that my body is so slow with everything where I normally have the IUI procedure done the next day, we will only have it done Pre-ovulation on Thursday and Post Ovulation on Friday and then off cause the 2 week wait starts.

That’s my quick update for today.

Have a stunning week; we have cold wet weather it feels like winter is here…