28 September 2008

Testing 1…2…3 = BFN

Just a quick note on the posing added acupuncture session 8… I had to do the pregnancy testing as it still seamed as if I might be pregnant. It turned out a BFN

27 September 2008

Had to get up fairly early this morning to get the doggies to the vet… first of all we had to buy one of those mouth guards for Devonté, as he wouldn’t let anyone touch him… then we rushed back, got the 2 doggies ready and off we go to the Krugersdorp animal hospital… Devonté was first… on the table he got examined, due to the fact that he has a limp on his left leg… never knew why, but just suddenly he started limping. After the examination, Devonté got some Rompun to make him drowsy and asleep for them to do some X-rays on him… what a mission, Pieter had to walk up and down with him, as he didn’t want to go to sleep. After he fell asleep, the examined his body… The Dr called us to provide feedback, and it looks like Devonté has to go in for a operation on his left knee. We just now need to schedule the time for him to go… see like daddy like son… cause Pieter’s right knee got operated on not to long ago… ha-ha- ha-ha Uschcá tagged along as she had to be vaccinated and got her 6:1 and also a prazifen tablet… I suppose that is for worms… After this big session we took the 2 of them home, where Devonté slept for most of the day to sleep of the injection.., Uschcá on the other hand couldn’t really understand why he is so sleepy and snappy…

26 September 2008

Accupuncture Session 8

Another day of acupuncture, I really didn’t feel my bright and smiling self. We have gone through a difficult time as a family, and yes, I still suffer from my headaches. So today I went off to the acupuncture, which for once I truly enjoyed. As I arrived I had my pulse and blood pressure taken. Then off to the needles room… Well one in each arm I got just above the bend of the upper arm, 3 needles in the legs, one on the calf, the other just above the knee, and one in the ankle… on the tummy I got plenty, I stopped counting at 8 because I truly became a bit nervous, then one on the head, and one on each side of my forehead, which will help with the headache. Electrodes got connected onto the needles in my tummy, and now I just had to relax for 30 minutes… After my 30 minutes all the needles were removed, and me and hubby got some new herbals to take in the morning and evening with luke warm water for 2 weeks… Anyway, Dr asked me to have a pregnancy test done on Sunday, even though I had my period, it still seamed as if there might be something… so Hey such is life… we just need to hang in there and see

25 September 2008

Ouma Wollie

Today is a very sad day in the whole family! My husbands’ grandmother passed away today, and as much as we all love her, we know she is at rest; she is in a better place, where there is no more suffering for her. Ouma Wollie you will always be remembered!

23 September 2008


Well I’ve seen a new administrator today, seeing that I had to work through a couple of Cv’s to find me a new administrator… now you would ask where the previous one is… and I don’t really want to elaborate to much about the subject but, all I can say is that some environments, stress, and people just can’t work together, so she decided to leave… anyway… I had to do everything on my own, and there were times that I felt that I’m never gonna see the end of the tunnel, or the little light shining at that end, will be one hell of a train… Ya well, at least I got through it, and interviewed a new candidate on 19 September 2008, which we did not take… and then again on today 23 September 2008, now this lady will be starting with me soon, thank you… thank you…! Time is of the essence, and I can’t wait for her to start, even though she will still have to settle in, and I know that they say that it takes approximately 3 – 6 months to settle in, it will definitely help a lot. Now we just have to wait and see whether she will take the offer, and when she will be starting….

20 September 2008

Not Well

This weekend has just not started well for any of us. I am suffering with a huge migraine and we’re spending a lot of time in hospital. In and out, every visiting hour that ICU has. My husbands’ grandmother fell ill. While the whole family is standing there waiting for a turn to go see ouma, we all had some bonding time. We don’t often see everyone in the family as they are scattered all over the world, and it’s amazing how a illness can pull a family together.

18 September 2008

What a start to a day

Another day arrived with all it surprises, this morning when I woke up I went down on my knees and really prayed so hard, I really want to be pregnant. After I prayed the normal daily routine started, shower, get dressed and off we go to work. We still had a chat in the car about the fact that I might be pregnant, and were discussing how and when we will actually let the family know… Anyway, got to work at about 8:00 this morning, because of traffic congestions, and as I walked in, I had to run to the loo… it felt as if my bladder was about to fall out, sjoe, ran and Ya… just guess what… She came, CD1 started, lightly though, but she’s here. I feel so de-motivated, so disgusted, so angry, so pitiful… I just want to sit in my little corner ad cry for the day! And I know I need to pick myself right back up, but what you know and what you’re up to is two very different things. Well now you have it, I guess we were all just wrong, I must have known, I must have known…!

12 September 2008

Acupuncture session 7

Today was another day of acupuncture, and I’m sure it almost sounds like a monotonous thing, well it sounds and feel like it, but I will do anything and everything for an opportunity to become a mommy. I think people who aren’t struggling with fertility problems, don’t understand what we are going through. Even though they try and be so sympathetic, what the hell, I don’t believe it anyway. Anyway, there I was going for my seventh acupuncture session… got there and due to a Chinese holiday Dr L was unable to assist me and her husband also a herbalist and acupuncturist assisted for the day, seeing that Dr L needs to do the woman duties and cook for the big occasion. So there I was feeling a bit out of place because I’m a bit taken out of my comfort zone with the other doctor, but hey, lets just do this… So the Dr started by taking my pulse, and asked a couple of questions, how am I feeling, do I think my body is changing, do I feel stronger etc. and I started giving all the answers… I feel crappy, my breasts is tender, my head aches from time to time, my left ovary wants to pop out, and no sleep is not an option, I feel like sleeping beauty… I sleep, sleep and sleep my life away. Then he took my right arm, and started feeling my pulse on the right arm… now he asks to stick out the tongue, to which I had a giggle but did it anyway. He quickly excused himself and went out! Then Dr L stepped in with her husband, she then felt the pulse on my left arm, then the right arm, then both, and the babble on in a language that only they will understand, the more they talk, the more worried I became. Then she asked me again, how are you feeling, your breasts, tummy, do you go to the loo normal? To which I once again had to reply, breasts… mmm, are we talking about these two things on my chest that feels like overgrown grapes, it’s so tender / sore I want to cry if my clothing touches them, my tummy is fine, my ovary feels like they want to pop, and yes I run to the loo very often, but are a bit constipated… but I suppose there’s nothing about it, just the way of nature. Maybe it’s because my body is cleaning out or something who knows…. After the explanation once again I went off to the acupuncture room, there the two Doctors stood still talking in the foreign language, discussing where the needles should go, so I got a needle in the head, one on each arm on the bend of the arm, one in my lower leg almost on my foot on each leg, one on the calf of each leg, one just above the knee of each leg, and one on each side of my ovaries, there I laid and ponder on what the big discussion was all about, I laid there and ponder for about 45 minutes. After the session Dr L came to remove the needles, and she requested that I take new herbal medicine, 10 in the morning and 10 at night, with warm water… no food or drink 30 min prior to taking medicine, nor am I allowed anything 30 min post taking medicine… On my way out, I asked Dr L what they were discussing as it really made me very uncomfortable, I knew that they were discussing me, but what about me… she replied that I must go and relax, try not to stress, or pick up anything heavy, sleep as much as what you need, no hands above the head, and try not to get exited… I then asked but why… Dr L replied that she doesn’t want to say anything seeing that it might make me exited and I insisted that she please tell me, he reply was that “we think”… “We think… there might be baby in tummy, we now wait and see” my jaw fell open; I was stunned, now it’s the big wait. Obviously the herbalists doesn’t have any technology to test, and I would know 18 September 2008, as CD1 is due, and I’ll first see if I miss my period or what ever happens… now I need to be peaceful, and leave this for the BIG Man, to decide my faith. Thought I’ll share with you all, please remember me in your prayers.

10 September 2008


Why is it that when you are allowed to have anything, you don’t feel like having it, and when you aren’t you desperately need it…? This is how I feel today; I’m in need of tons of coffee… chocolates… and just everything else, and because Dr L said that I mustn’t drink coffee, now I want to… I love coffee and not being able to get the caffeine fix I usually get is draining me. Man life would be so great if I could have my coffee back, but I suppose anything and everything for a opportunity to become mommy.

06 September 2008

Crazy day and accupuncture session 6

What a hectic day it was! Sjoe just before the weekend, I had to be up at sparrow fart to be at the hospital this morning. My best friend from schools little girl had to have her tonsils removed today. Anyway, as I arrived at the hospital I felt a bit stressed out as she wasn’t there yet. Phoned her just to make sure I didn’t mishear where she said they had it done. Eventually they arrived and the little one got checked in. In the room now this is about 06:10 AM we were all still droopy eyed sitting and staring at one another, except for the little one, she just wanted to go home. Eventually at about 8:00 AM they came to fetch her from the room to have her tonsils removed. My friend had to carry her into theatre while her dad and I were waiting outside in the waiting area. Shame my friend was so stressed out, I really felt for her. After the tonsils had been removed she came out of theatre screaming from the pain, we went to the room, where she didn’t want anything to do with her mommy, and were laying on daddies shoulder while she tried to calm down. After a while she woke up and sat with mommy. Then back to daddy, and so it continued for about an hour and a half, she then wanted to sit with “Tannie Stefanie”. O MY… I felt so uncomfortable because I wasn’t sure what everyone else’s reaction would be, but I took her and she fell asleep on my chest as I sat on a chair. There she slept off most of the gas or whatever they get. Now prior to her going into theatre daddy and mommy promised that they will go show her the new puppy in our home, so as we left she remembered and wanted to travel back with me. So mommy joined, and off we went to my place. As we arrived she had a look at the new puppy, sat and had a little coke and some cheese curls, after which they left. This was about 13:30, so not much time left for me before my acupuncture session. So I went and prepared and eventually took off to the acupuncture… JIPPY As I got to doctor L, she welcomed me, asked about the planning things, and off I went to the needle room. Once again I had to lay on my back, 4 needles in the tummy, 2 in the arms, 3 in the legs and one in the head… no electrodes and now… sweet dreams… zzzzzzzzzz After about 45 minutes, Dr L came to wake me, she then removed the needles, and I still felt drowsy, I could still have easily slept another 45 minutes. No bottles this time, no medicine, no medicine for hubby…. She removed the needle from my right ear, and placed a new needle in the left ear, which I need to wear for this week… my new session is scheduled for Friday…