26 September 2008

Accupuncture Session 8

Another day of acupuncture, I really didn’t feel my bright and smiling self. We have gone through a difficult time as a family, and yes, I still suffer from my headaches. So today I went off to the acupuncture, which for once I truly enjoyed. As I arrived I had my pulse and blood pressure taken. Then off to the needles room… Well one in each arm I got just above the bend of the upper arm, 3 needles in the legs, one on the calf, the other just above the knee, and one in the ankle… on the tummy I got plenty, I stopped counting at 8 because I truly became a bit nervous, then one on the head, and one on each side of my forehead, which will help with the headache. Electrodes got connected onto the needles in my tummy, and now I just had to relax for 30 minutes… After my 30 minutes all the needles were removed, and me and hubby got some new herbals to take in the morning and evening with luke warm water for 2 weeks… Anyway, Dr asked me to have a pregnancy test done on Sunday, even though I had my period, it still seamed as if there might be something… so Hey such is life… we just need to hang in there and see


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