27 September 2008

Had to get up fairly early this morning to get the doggies to the vet… first of all we had to buy one of those mouth guards for Devonté, as he wouldn’t let anyone touch him… then we rushed back, got the 2 doggies ready and off we go to the Krugersdorp animal hospital… Devonté was first… on the table he got examined, due to the fact that he has a limp on his left leg… never knew why, but just suddenly he started limping. After the examination, Devonté got some Rompun to make him drowsy and asleep for them to do some X-rays on him… what a mission, Pieter had to walk up and down with him, as he didn’t want to go to sleep. After he fell asleep, the examined his body… The Dr called us to provide feedback, and it looks like Devonté has to go in for a operation on his left knee. We just now need to schedule the time for him to go… see like daddy like son… cause Pieter’s right knee got operated on not to long ago… ha-ha- ha-ha Uschcá tagged along as she had to be vaccinated and got her 6:1 and also a prazifen tablet… I suppose that is for worms… After this big session we took the 2 of them home, where Devonté slept for most of the day to sleep of the injection.., Uschcá on the other hand couldn’t really understand why he is so sleepy and snappy…


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