28 January 2010


Well it’s a new year, and with that I suppose all new things start. Looking back at everything we went through so far made me realize that after almost 11 years of marriage we are still alone. Our families have expanded and they have the most stunning boys my one sister in law has 3 and the other 1, and believe me when I tell you, their boys are adorable and truly stunning kids.

Then I look at myself and P, we have not accomplish any pregnancy and it makes me wonder if I will be dying one day and still be alone, and the thought is really unbearable. You know I sit and wonder why this is meant for me. It’s not as if I had the best life ever. My mother gave me, my sister and my 2 brothers up for adoption. They know nothing of me, and I off them. I grew up with lovely adoptive parents and lost my adoptive farther 9 years ago, I truly loved him so much and I think of him daily. Then I got married to the most wonderful guy. Yes we all have our problems but he is really supportive, and so our journey started as we wanted to expand our little family, but so far it’s a journey without luck. I know I will be a good mother, I know P will be the best father, but it now feels like that is one thing that will not become a reality for us, and it makes me sad.

P and I sat down the other night and really had a very good discussion. We were really looking at everything and all the possible ways that we will be able to have our little pink feet in our house. We spoke about Surrogacy, IVF’s and ICSI and so the list just grew. We were talking about everything we will be willing to do and what not, what we want in life, and what not, what we need, and what not, what we will cope with, and what not and… and… and… After this long discussion I think we finally decided, and I’m so glad we have decided together and we had exactly (well most of it) the same needs and thoughts about all of the processes. P and I have begun our process. The process of adopting our little pink feet…

We have made our first official appointment with an Adoption worker and we will be meeting with her on Tuesday 2 February 2010, I feel so many emotions at this stage that I don’t even know where to start. I am so scared, and all that it currently going through my mind is what if’s… yes I know it is still too early, but I am like that. I always try and see all the negatives and positives to every situation.

I don’t know all the laws and processes yet, and look we still have lots to learn, but I believe this is our first step again, and I will have to take it one day at a time whether it’s happy or sad, good or bad, we will get to the end of our journey one day!

If you know anything about the adoption laws and processes in SA, please send me some comments.

I would love to hear from you!

25 January 2010


This weekend was the best weekend I had in a very long time.

My sister in laws boy turned 7 this weekend (23 January 2010) and we went out to Sun City Valley of waves for the day. We were all like youngsters again…

We got up at sparrows fart to get ready and leave home, as we are about 2.5 hours drive from Sun City. As we arrived there, we quickly had our picking breakfast at the car and off we went into the queue at the little station to wait for the train to take us out to the place. Eventually the train arrived and we got in to start of the adventurous day.

On arrival we walked through the casino bits and what a stunning place, anyway as we got to the other side we handed in our tickets and went down to the sea (man made sea). We quickly got our little beach chairs, tubes for the rides, umbrellas for shading and off cause something soothing to drink. The men left us to walk the place. On their return the did the drop slide which they found very interesting; however hubby said he will never try that one again for the day. As it was Armons’ birthday we were all dedicated to spend the time with him. So off we went into the sea and waited for the waves… riding wave after wave we decided to go ride the tubes in the tunnels, but on our way there my sis in law and I decided to do the drop slide thing, which left my top under my chin, and my bikini and shorts up my bum – ha but it was great fun… From riding the waterslide (Which almost gave me a heart attack at this age), to trying to run in a ball, which I said I’ll never do - I have giggled and battled so much, I’m still aching today. It was an amazing day.

At about 6, after the Valley of waves closed down, Armon had the time to play in the entertainment centre and for one or other reason he just wanted to play with hubby and now and again his dad, but at least he had fun. We then left at about 8 and off we went home, then off cause, the family felt a bit hungry and we had to stop off and eat something at spur before they closed down, and officially left the area at about 10, which left us with about 2 hours drive still, and at last we were home at about 12:00am.

When they left, Pieter and I just went straight to bed and only got up yesterday morning at 10:00am, which just come to show, we are getting old.

04 January 2010


Happy Blogaversary to me!

Today is my official 2nd blog celebration. I cant believe that this is my second year of writing all of my thoughts and experience to paper. It's actually scary but great to be able to go back and read all of this, all the way back to 4 January 2008.