31 August 2008

New family member in our home!

All that know me will know that we got a little Chow puppy in 2006. He was born 01/06/2006 and we named him Devonté, after which we tried to get him a play mate, but with no joy. We truly had a huge struggle in finding him a thorough breed. I just didn’t want another breed as I love my chow. On Sunday 31 August 2008, we made a call to the people we got Devonté from to find out whether they have new puppies, but after a almost 2 year wait, and the fact that they don’t have any available, we thought to look somewhere else. I found an article in the Animal Talk and decided to phone around. Well seeing that it’s Sunday, very little people actually answered their phones, but I kept being persistent, I really wanted a mate for Devonté. I found an advertisement in the Junkmail, of a couple that has 2 males and 1 female puppy… and I quickly contacted the number… ring…ring…ring… no answer… tried another number, ring… ring… ring… voicemail, and so I kept phoning number by number, but no answer. Eventually as I was about to give up the search I decided to contact the one number, just one more time, maybe just maybe I’m lucky… Ring… ring… answer… I was flabbergasted, there’s an answer, I have tried so many numbers and tried so many times in the past and I actually have someone on the other end of the line…. Hi, my name is Stefanie, and I see you advertise about 3 Chow puppies… YES – he said. O, how old are they. 6 Weeks he said. How many do you have and are they male or female? 2 males and 1 female he said. Ok, well what colour is the female? Light brown he said, Red brown or cream? Almost cream he said. Please keep her I’m coming And Pieter and I jumped in the car and rushed off from the shopping centre to pick up our little puppy. What shall we call her? What about… Sasha… no please man, this is a common name for many dogs, shall we call her Shimondelé… no it’s to long and Devonté might confuse the names seeing that both will end with “é”… so we decided to wait a bit till we see her. Because how can you give anyone a name without seeing them and see what type of personality traits they have. Please just don’t tell me you think dogs don’t have a personality…. Anyway, we arrived in Pretoria and contacted the lady while outside their property. They came to greet us at the gate and took us to the back where all their Chows were. All 3 puppies were still very playful and played around. The lady picked up the female puppy, and handed her to me… She was so dirty. They were playing on red sand. As I held her in my arms she started snuggling up on my neck, really a sweet little thing. Pieter then handed the money over, and we left. She lay on my lap while we took the long road back to her new home… Uschcá… I think we should call her Uschcá, I said, and Pieter immediately agreed (sy lyk woes vuil) and because of this I thought that Uschcá will truly be a great name for her. So all the way back I played with her while she was nibbling away on my hair. Got home, and Uschcá had to meet her new brother in the family Devonté. Now Devonté didn’t really think this little bundle of fur was anything nice to play with, and every time Uschcá came running his way, he will make a U-turn and run the other way. She then eventually gave up! Never gonna catch him anyway! So last night they had their first supper together. And while Uschcá gobbled up her food, Devonté very relaxed nibbled on his. Uschcá then turned to his bowl, and her bum got the first hiding. Shame I really felt bad, but I don’t want them to fight over food, nor do I want them to become greedy. After the eating session, both of them joined us in the home while we watched two movies, Devonté then went out to do his usual rounds and Uschcá went to bed, where we made a little spot for her in the garage, seeing that she’s a bit small and I don’t want her to either fall into the swimming pool, or squeeze herself through the gate, and go running off. Now we just have to wait and see what the two are up to, and when they will actually get use to one another!

29 August 2008

Acupuncture sessions 5

Once again another day of acupuncture and this time Pieter didn’t have to go again. Interesting how the acupuncture works though. When I got there, we first had a little discussion in terms of how and when to plan… so cycle day 11, 13 and 15 should be the priority on our calendar, plan, plan, plan and plan a little more. She then once again took my blood pressure, and off I went into the room, Dr Leigh requested that I lay on my back, take off my watch, socks and loosen my belt. Once again she opens her little needles one by one from the packet, placing them gently. She places one in my calf of each leg, placing the other one just above my knees, and one very low on my leg almost on the foot. Moving up on the arms, she places one in the forearm, one on the wrist and one almost on the bend of you arms. Then again the belly… mmmm, will I get electrodes this time? Or will I just be lucky enough to go without and have a nice snooze.. she palces 4 needles on the belly, in a cross like shape, and one on the head… Ouch! Ouch! And then she link the electrodes to all 4 of the needles placed on the tummy. I had to wait and feel when I feel the electrodes flow through the needles, and when it reaches the point where you feel all 4 she leaves it like that and you lay and have your snooze (if you can) for about 30 minutes. I have to say that for someone who is scared of needles it’s really not that bad. I started dozing off, and by the time I could feel myself going into a nice sleep, the buzzer went off and woke me. Aaa the time has flown by, time to take off the electrodes and remove all the needles. Once again Dr Leigh took her little glass bottles, and lit the piece of cotton, and then she placed it inside the bottle for it to start a little flame, and places the bottles on my back. If I’m not mistaken I counted about 6 bottles, hey but I can be wrong seeing that I don’t have eyes on my back. I sat there with these pieces of glass sucking away on the flesh of my back. It pulls the skin and it’s really becomes a bit sensitive after a while. So I sat for about 10 minutes while Dr Leigh also assisted another patient. After the 10 minutes had gone by, she came and removed the bottles on by one, and when she removes it, it really is a pleasant feeling, she then rubs and ointment onto these marks and off you go. She then also placed a little round needle this time in the right ear, I now need to have this in for this week, and she will remove the needle on Friday. No medicine for 2 weeks, and another acupuncture session coming up Friday. Poor Pieter still has to take his bit of medicine, 8 in the morning and 8 at night with luke warm water.

25 August 2008

A nice thought for the week – The Power

Don't underestimate the power of a touch a smile a kind word a listening ear an honest compliment or the smallest act of caring all of which have the potential to turn a life around Life ends when you stop Dreaming, Hope ends when you stop Believing, Love ends when you stop Caring, Friendship ends when you stop Sharing. When you find a dream inside your heart,
Don't ever let it go,
For dreams are the tiny seeds, from which Beautiful Tomorrows Grow!
Have a Wonderful Week!

23 August 2008

Acupuncture sessions 4

Hey there, we had one very interesting session this morning at 10:00 AM. Well first of all we had the electrician coming over to lay a new electrical cable in the garden, so that I can officially switch on the new garden fountain. I was so excited to get the fountain working. I think that my garden really looks like a fairy fantasy. Anyway, we had to be at the acupuncturist at 10:00 am for our first session together. Got there, and I had the same routine as normal, blood pressure is tested, some questioning in terms of CD1 which started, then the 2 needles again in the arms, 3 in the legs this time, 4 on the belly and one again in the head, but this time no electrodes were added onto the needles on the belly, instead a little box were placed on the lower belly, with some stuff that they burn in there. This warms up the belly to relieve some of the pain. So there I lay for 30 minutes, while I was laying there Pieter also started with his session. He had to lay face done, he got 2 needles in the neck, one in the arm just below the bend, one in his legs just above the ankle and 4 on his back in a cross like shape, and off cause he got electrodes added on the needles on his back, and he had to lay for 30 minutes. After I completed my 30 minutes, once again the bottle warming session started and I got 5 bottles. One at the top of my spine, then 2 underneath that, another 2 underneath that, and the last one almost on my bum, and while I was waiting for the 10 minutes to pass, the doctor came to explain the medication that Pieter has to take. He also has to take 8 little herbal tables with luke warm water in the mornings and evenings. I just continue with the medicine I was given in my previous session. After the 30 minutes that Pieter had to lay there, he also started with his bottle session, he got 4 one on the top of his spine, 2 underneath that on his kidneys, and one almost on his bum… and he waited. After the session we both were so relaxed and really felt so good. We drove home and discussed the weekend that was still ahead. What a stunning peaceful weekend! Hope your weekend was as great as mine!

15 August 2008

Acupuncture sessions 3

Another day of acupuncture! And she changed my medicine today. Sometimes I can’t believe that I am actually going through with this needle thing. The more I think about it the more I realise how desperate I have become. Desperate for a child in our life, I would never have done this type of thing before, and here I am, the 3rd session, and not that I am forced, I am going out of my own. So the same old story… blood pressure, take off watch, shoes, socks and loosen up everything around the waste. This time a little more needles is involved she explained. So once again 1 needle went into my calve, the other needle goes just above the foot, the other above the knee, again one in the forearm, the other just as you bend your arm on both ends, this time 4 in the belly, and one again in the head… Hells bells that one hurts… once again the electrode machine are placed on all these needles in the belly, and you are left to lay there for 30 minutes. And again After the 30 minutes the timer went off, and she came to remove all needles. Then she took the bottles and this time 6 of these and she lightens them up, places it on my back again and made me sit there for about 10 minutes this time… when you move it almost sounds like bells coming from afar, meantime it bottles hanging on your back…. What a silly thought anyway. I can’t see why this bottle thing should work, but hey, I’m not the doctor. They know best and they understand the body much better than what I do, so I just keep believing this is going to work and have faith. Once again she comes and removes these bottles hanging like grapes from my back, pulling off one by one, and she rubbed the ointment in. Every time she does that, its really a relieve. I love the smell. It smells like peppermint… and it gives your back a tingly feeling… it warms your back and you really feel great after that… except for the marks these nasty little bottles leave on your back for weeks! Anyway, at the end of this session, she removed the little nasty devil of a round needle from my ear. What relieve one can’t imagine how such a little piece of steel can hurt you! Thanks goodness its out

08 August 2008

Acupuncture sessions 2

Here I am once again at another acupuncture session. Well today is different as hubby decided to join me seeing that he is at home, due to his operation. So he had a seat on the bed opposite to where I was laying. Once again the same little routine, blood pressure, take off watch, socks, shoes and loosen everything around the tummy… and almost the same as the previous session happened, so not really much I can tell you which was different. Except for the fact that this time hubby was there with me, this was really a pleasant experience for me! Anyway, she then turned to me at the end of our session and had a tiny little tweezers and a packet in her hand. She then explains that she will be placing a little round needle in my ear, she will start with the left ear, just to ensure that my body strengthens quickly. She then placed this little round needle in the top of my left ear with the tweezers and I had to walk with that for a whole week, until I see her again, man o man… how does anybody scared of needles survive that….

07 August 2008

Hubbies operation

I’m not really the type of person that loves a hospital nor do I like to have anyone operated on! Unfortunately hubby had to be in the hospital today 7 August 2008 for an arthroscopy! Now this is not really a biggy, but when he normally comes out of theatre he is moody and obviously full of pain, and that I can’t really handle well. I quickly feel sorry for him and wants to cry my eyes out because there is just nothing I can do for him… Pieter had to be at the hospital at 12:00 which gave us some time to do a bit of walking around in the shopping centre, we bought some new clothes and just spend time together. Which was really nice… at about 11:35 we went through to the hospital as Dr Botha normally starts the procedures at about 13:00. Pieter got booked in and spend a couple of hours lying there… He only went into the theatre at about 14:45, I truly felt sorry for him as he couldn’t drink or eat, and prior to him leaving for theatre he already complained he was hungry… He is a little cuddly bear, and loves his food… and so the procedure began… Let me explain what an arthroscopy is… Arthro mean joint and scope is to look. Therefore a knee arthroscopy allows the surgeon to view inside your knee and directly inspect the bone and structures within. An arthroscopy is commonly known as “Keyhole surgery” these incisions are minimal and therefore reduce scarring and allow quick recovery. During the procedure a small camera-type device is inserted into the knee and this relays a picture to a television screen. At the same time instruments can be inserted into the knee so that surgery can be performed. There are a couple of reasons for this to be done; I think the picture will give you an indication A knee arthroscopy is almost always performed under general anesthetic. In most arthroscopies, three small incisions are made at the front of the knee. One incision is to insert the arthroscopy, the other to insert the instruments required during the procedure and the third to attach a tube that inflates the knee with fluid. Most arthroscopies take between 30 – 60 minutes to perform. At the end of the operation, the fluid is drained from the knee. Stitches are required to close the wounds Local anesthetic is injected into the knee to minimize discomfort after surgery, and adequate information on what to do with the dressings, padding and stockings will be given to you on the day of your surgery. With modern anesthetic techniques, most patients usually wake relatively quickly and are aware of their surroundings within one hour of the end of the procedure. So… on his way out of theatre this time, which were of cause the second time he had a arthroscopy done, he was telling everyone how nice the people in theatre is… How stunning the narcotics doctor were and the fact that he had a dream but can’t remember what… he told this story to everyone about 10 times!! Ha-ha! Then hubby realized that his thought has been blocked off, his tummy growls and he really can’t deal with his feeling! He is hungry! He sat up as the one nurse came with a plate of stew, which was just enough to feed a 5 year old. As he finished the food he started moaning and groaning and making jokes that he feels like having ribs and beer. Not long Dr Botha came around and visited everyone that was done by him for the day. Dr Botha laughed so hard when Pieter explained that he is hungry and wanted to go home, that he discharged him to go eat! Ha-ha! Anyway, everything seemed to have gone well, they removed some of the little bones and cleaned out his knee, now it’s rest for a whole month… nice! I took hubby out for Spur, seeing that he was so hungry, the poor man finished his whole plate and on return home he already started to feel sleepy. When we got home, he took his pain medicine and went to bed… This was another day of our lives.

01 August 2008

Acupuncture sessions started

Well after a couple of months only taking medicine, I have now started with the acupuncture again. I have contacted a Chinese herbalist and started acupuncture through them. I have to say that starting the acupuncture was not a pleasant thought seeing that I am such a sissy when it comes to needles. Needless to say, more that one needle normally makes me want to faint. Anyway, got to the rooms, and met Dr Leigh, what a stunning lady. She truly made me feel very comfortable. She did my blood pressure testing, and explained the whole procedure and how acupuncture will affect my body, she also asked a couple of questions relating to our infertility. After this we went through to a room with massage like beds, heaters, machines etc… To start of, I had to take off my watch, socks and loosen my belt. When she entered she explained where she will be placing her needles and on what we will be focussing for the first couple of sessions, and so she started. Opening her little needles one by one from the packets, putting one in my calf of each leg, placing the other one just above my knees of cause both legs, then moving up on the arms, she placed another in my forearm just above my wrist, and the other just where your arm bends on both end of the bend… once again both arms, then she opened my belly, and place seven needles on my belly, couldn’t really see the pattern she formed, and then she smiled and said only one more left… She took the last little needle and pushed it on top of my head… OUCH! Anyway, she places a little electrode machine on each of the needles in my tummy, and with the pulse flowing through these needles I laid there for 30 minutes, and relaxed… that was nice through. After the 30 minutes the timer went off, and she came to remove all needles. Not bad, not bad at all. Then she turned around and took 4 little glass bottles, a piece of cotton, and a lighter. I thought what the… she then puts the cotton wool in surgical spirits, and lightens this, put it in the bottle, and then quickly places this on my back in like a cross shape. One by one she did the 4 bottles. I could feel the bottles sucking in my skin, and the cooler these bottles becomes the more it pulls your skin… It’s really not a pleasant feeling while you sit there and these 4 bottles hangs like grapes from you back… after about 5 minutes or so, she then removes these bottles from your back one by one, as she pulls them off you feel the relieve and heat coming out of that spot, she then takes some or other ointment which she rubs into your back. This apparently in conjunction with the bottles helps for your blood flow and alleviates some month end pains… Well after this, the session came to an end… I really felt good, that I can tell you! She handed me a bottle of round little tables, which I need to take 10 every morning and every evening with luke warm water. Lets’ just wait and see