01 August 2008

Acupuncture sessions started

Well after a couple of months only taking medicine, I have now started with the acupuncture again. I have contacted a Chinese herbalist and started acupuncture through them. I have to say that starting the acupuncture was not a pleasant thought seeing that I am such a sissy when it comes to needles. Needless to say, more that one needle normally makes me want to faint. Anyway, got to the rooms, and met Dr Leigh, what a stunning lady. She truly made me feel very comfortable. She did my blood pressure testing, and explained the whole procedure and how acupuncture will affect my body, she also asked a couple of questions relating to our infertility. After this we went through to a room with massage like beds, heaters, machines etc… To start of, I had to take off my watch, socks and loosen my belt. When she entered she explained where she will be placing her needles and on what we will be focussing for the first couple of sessions, and so she started. Opening her little needles one by one from the packets, putting one in my calf of each leg, placing the other one just above my knees of cause both legs, then moving up on the arms, she placed another in my forearm just above my wrist, and the other just where your arm bends on both end of the bend… once again both arms, then she opened my belly, and place seven needles on my belly, couldn’t really see the pattern she formed, and then she smiled and said only one more left… She took the last little needle and pushed it on top of my head… OUCH! Anyway, she places a little electrode machine on each of the needles in my tummy, and with the pulse flowing through these needles I laid there for 30 minutes, and relaxed… that was nice through. After the 30 minutes the timer went off, and she came to remove all needles. Not bad, not bad at all. Then she turned around and took 4 little glass bottles, a piece of cotton, and a lighter. I thought what the… she then puts the cotton wool in surgical spirits, and lightens this, put it in the bottle, and then quickly places this on my back in like a cross shape. One by one she did the 4 bottles. I could feel the bottles sucking in my skin, and the cooler these bottles becomes the more it pulls your skin… It’s really not a pleasant feeling while you sit there and these 4 bottles hangs like grapes from you back… after about 5 minutes or so, she then removes these bottles from your back one by one, as she pulls them off you feel the relieve and heat coming out of that spot, she then takes some or other ointment which she rubs into your back. This apparently in conjunction with the bottles helps for your blood flow and alleviates some month end pains… Well after this, the session came to an end… I really felt good, that I can tell you! She handed me a bottle of round little tables, which I need to take 10 every morning and every evening with luke warm water. Lets’ just wait and see


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