31 August 2008

New family member in our home!

All that know me will know that we got a little Chow puppy in 2006. He was born 01/06/2006 and we named him Devonté, after which we tried to get him a play mate, but with no joy. We truly had a huge struggle in finding him a thorough breed. I just didn’t want another breed as I love my chow. On Sunday 31 August 2008, we made a call to the people we got Devonté from to find out whether they have new puppies, but after a almost 2 year wait, and the fact that they don’t have any available, we thought to look somewhere else. I found an article in the Animal Talk and decided to phone around. Well seeing that it’s Sunday, very little people actually answered their phones, but I kept being persistent, I really wanted a mate for Devonté. I found an advertisement in the Junkmail, of a couple that has 2 males and 1 female puppy… and I quickly contacted the number… ring…ring…ring… no answer… tried another number, ring… ring… ring… voicemail, and so I kept phoning number by number, but no answer. Eventually as I was about to give up the search I decided to contact the one number, just one more time, maybe just maybe I’m lucky… Ring… ring… answer… I was flabbergasted, there’s an answer, I have tried so many numbers and tried so many times in the past and I actually have someone on the other end of the line…. Hi, my name is Stefanie, and I see you advertise about 3 Chow puppies… YES – he said. O, how old are they. 6 Weeks he said. How many do you have and are they male or female? 2 males and 1 female he said. Ok, well what colour is the female? Light brown he said, Red brown or cream? Almost cream he said. Please keep her I’m coming And Pieter and I jumped in the car and rushed off from the shopping centre to pick up our little puppy. What shall we call her? What about… Sasha… no please man, this is a common name for many dogs, shall we call her Shimondelé… no it’s to long and Devonté might confuse the names seeing that both will end with “é”… so we decided to wait a bit till we see her. Because how can you give anyone a name without seeing them and see what type of personality traits they have. Please just don’t tell me you think dogs don’t have a personality…. Anyway, we arrived in Pretoria and contacted the lady while outside their property. They came to greet us at the gate and took us to the back where all their Chows were. All 3 puppies were still very playful and played around. The lady picked up the female puppy, and handed her to me… She was so dirty. They were playing on red sand. As I held her in my arms she started snuggling up on my neck, really a sweet little thing. Pieter then handed the money over, and we left. She lay on my lap while we took the long road back to her new home… Uschcá… I think we should call her Uschcá, I said, and Pieter immediately agreed (sy lyk woes vuil) and because of this I thought that Uschcá will truly be a great name for her. So all the way back I played with her while she was nibbling away on my hair. Got home, and Uschcá had to meet her new brother in the family Devonté. Now Devonté didn’t really think this little bundle of fur was anything nice to play with, and every time Uschcá came running his way, he will make a U-turn and run the other way. She then eventually gave up! Never gonna catch him anyway! So last night they had their first supper together. And while Uschcá gobbled up her food, Devonté very relaxed nibbled on his. Uschcá then turned to his bowl, and her bum got the first hiding. Shame I really felt bad, but I don’t want them to fight over food, nor do I want them to become greedy. After the eating session, both of them joined us in the home while we watched two movies, Devonté then went out to do his usual rounds and Uschcá went to bed, where we made a little spot for her in the garage, seeing that she’s a bit small and I don’t want her to either fall into the swimming pool, or squeeze herself through the gate, and go running off. Now we just have to wait and see what the two are up to, and when they will actually get use to one another!


  1. Sweet man, can just imagine how she's getting spoiled

  2. come on give us the meanings and let us see how she looks. post a pic please, I would love to see the 2 of them play together. Is Devonte okay with her?


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