06 September 2008

Crazy day and accupuncture session 6

What a hectic day it was! Sjoe just before the weekend, I had to be up at sparrow fart to be at the hospital this morning. My best friend from schools little girl had to have her tonsils removed today. Anyway, as I arrived at the hospital I felt a bit stressed out as she wasn’t there yet. Phoned her just to make sure I didn’t mishear where she said they had it done. Eventually they arrived and the little one got checked in. In the room now this is about 06:10 AM we were all still droopy eyed sitting and staring at one another, except for the little one, she just wanted to go home. Eventually at about 8:00 AM they came to fetch her from the room to have her tonsils removed. My friend had to carry her into theatre while her dad and I were waiting outside in the waiting area. Shame my friend was so stressed out, I really felt for her. After the tonsils had been removed she came out of theatre screaming from the pain, we went to the room, where she didn’t want anything to do with her mommy, and were laying on daddies shoulder while she tried to calm down. After a while she woke up and sat with mommy. Then back to daddy, and so it continued for about an hour and a half, she then wanted to sit with “Tannie Stefanie”. O MY… I felt so uncomfortable because I wasn’t sure what everyone else’s reaction would be, but I took her and she fell asleep on my chest as I sat on a chair. There she slept off most of the gas or whatever they get. Now prior to her going into theatre daddy and mommy promised that they will go show her the new puppy in our home, so as we left she remembered and wanted to travel back with me. So mommy joined, and off we went to my place. As we arrived she had a look at the new puppy, sat and had a little coke and some cheese curls, after which they left. This was about 13:30, so not much time left for me before my acupuncture session. So I went and prepared and eventually took off to the acupuncture… JIPPY As I got to doctor L, she welcomed me, asked about the planning things, and off I went to the needle room. Once again I had to lay on my back, 4 needles in the tummy, 2 in the arms, 3 in the legs and one in the head… no electrodes and now… sweet dreams… zzzzzzzzzz After about 45 minutes, Dr L came to wake me, she then removed the needles, and I still felt drowsy, I could still have easily slept another 45 minutes. No bottles this time, no medicine, no medicine for hubby…. She removed the needle from my right ear, and placed a new needle in the left ear, which I need to wear for this week… my new session is scheduled for Friday…


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