25 March 2010


I’m feeling a bit tender today.

AF started at about 9 this morning, which resulted in me having some cramps and quit a bit of pain. I really do hate it when AF starts at work, especially if it is so painful. I don’t know how to relieve the pain, don’t know how to sit and just feel uncomfortable and irritable, but HEY I’m not complaining at least AF started after a 35 day cycle. Now i just have to hang in here till it’s time for my scan again. I just hope all the dates will work out between the clinic and my leave… I really need the leave

I just can’t wait for the 1st of April….

We managed to get a spot to go out camping for a while, luckily I have people who will be able to stay in my house while I’m away and I don’t have to stress about my two fur-babies. I can’t wait to just go out and have some fun in the sun before our winter starts.

This is the place where we will be going to

23 March 2010


Hi there you all,

Welcome to my blog and I hope you have a happy ICLW, please sign my guestbook when you do have a moment! http://lifesjourney-stef.blogspot.com/p/guestbook_9508.html

It's always the best time of the month, as I get around to other blogs and somehow also manages to find a couple of new followers which is so great!

Enjoy your day

18 March 2010

THE RESULTS **drumroll please**

Ha I don’t really need the drum roll today, but I thought I needed some sound of excitement today.

Anyway, I had a progesterone test done last week Friday, which the results is captured in one of my previous posts. It really didn’t come out high. The on Monday IF clinic gave me a call as Dr was concerned with the fact that after using all these meds and injections my progesterone did sweet nothing.

So Yesterday off I went to another lab to have the same test done to see if we were getting the same results, but it was way-way-way better. The results in fact were 182 which have a variance of 174 in comparison to the test done of Friday last week. So now what happened? Was the previous result by any chance wrong???

With the progesterone test, we also had our official pregnancy test….

Before I spill the results, I want to thank all of you who were supportive this cycle and who did a prayer for us, but unfortunately we’re counting another BFN on our charts.

So for now, I’m going into my feeling sorry for myself spot… and would have to get myself out of the slump all over again.

16 March 2010


I officially got it right I managed to create my own Guestbook and all i need now is for my friends to come over and sign it.

Please would you take the time to sign my guestbook, it will be greatly appreciated



I received a call yesterday from the IF Clinic, and to everyones’ amazement, with all the meds and injections my progesterone level only raised to 8, and by the sound of it they were not very happy with the results. They have requested another progesterone test on the blood, and I’m now waiting for my feedback as they would need to phone me back with a plan of action...

So I’m already feeling teary.... but I'm now also not understanding casue the info I found explains the following

hCG levels during pregnancy
(in weeks since last menstrual period)

  • 3 weeks LMP 5 - 50 mIU/ml
  • 4 weeks LMP 5 - 426 mIU/ml
  • 5 weeks LMP 18 - 7,340 mIU/ml
  • 6 weeks LMP 1,080 - 56,500 mIU/ml
  • 7 - 8 weeks LMP 7, 650 - 229,000 mIU/ml
  • 9 - 12 weeks LMP 25,700 - 288,000 mIU/ml
  • 13 - 16 weeks LMP 13,300 - 254,000 mIU/ml
  • 17 - 24 weeks LMP 4,060 - 165,400 mIU/ml
  • 25 - 40 weeks LMP 3,640 - 117,000 mIU/ml
  • non pregnant 55-200 ng/ml

12 March 2010


This week has been the most hectic week ever.

I really didn’t enjoy this week that much, as work was piling on my desk, responsibilities became more and then off cause my little old moods because of all the lovely meds and injections. My bum hurts of the Gestone injections and I really feel like I’m burning up because of the HOT flushes

Anyway, there I was on Wednesday morning standing in the garden at work minding my own business and chatting to a lady that works with me, I explained how the meds were making me feel and overall the emotional rollercoaster that I’m on. So this other lady obviously eavesdropping turned around and said: There is a stunning Dr in Pretoria who will sort you out 1.2.3… It’s a Chinese doctor and he specialized in everything, from stress to infertility. Obviously I responded with the fact that I already have a Dr and that I feel very comfortable with this Dr, so then she continued: Why is it that people who is infertile always pray and ask for their baby, why don’t you just go on your knees and start saying thank you. Thank him for the baby his given you. Maybe if you start believing your not infertile and that you are in fact pregnant maybe you’ll have the satisfaction of a baby.

Now that was it…. I was so close at snapping her. I really felt like exploding and screaming at her (which I didn’t do but really wanted to) how the hell will she know. She has never gone through infertility and when she carried her second son, she really tried everything in the book to loose the baby. She drank, she smoked etc, but at the end the baby was born and is now about 6 months.

So anyway, I had to collect my thoughts and emotions and really had to focus on just smiling and then turned and walked back in to the building ignoring basically everything.

Okay so after this whole thing, I felt a bit depressed and just had to get done with the day.

Then this morning….

Early up and off I went for my injection – you will not believe I still can’t do the injections myself. Anyway while I was there I also had blood drawn as I have a progesterone test due today. So I believe, pray and Hope that the progesterone levels are 100% fine. Please, please, please I really need them to be okay. I really need to know if I can get a positive. Do you know how it feels if you have never experienced a positive. Okay except 1 when I was very much younger… I don’t even know if we can have a positive. Man I really hate this feeling and the fact that I doubt in us, so I need to try and stay focused, pray, believe and hope that this will be our cycle

08 March 2010


Good morning all,

I thought that the post for today will cover what has happened in our world the last couple of days

On Wednesday 3 March 2010 (CD15), I had another scan as mentioned in my previous post and everything felt like it was on track. Then Thursday morning came, and with it came spotting. So off cause I was terrified that CD1 is about to come sooner than expected, so I phoned the clinic and they put my mind a little to rest, as it could be because of the scan. So I had to monitor the bleeding and report back if there were any stronger bleeding, which luckily didn’t happen.


Bright and early on Saturday we were up and ready to dash off to the clinic which is about an hour 15min drive from our home. As we got there they were already waiting for us. So P did what he had to, and we went off to have a breakfast while we were waiting. Then at about 9:30am we returned and we did our pre-ovulation IUI, which really went well, no cervical problems… JIPPY and I spend most of the day relaxing as much as possible. We walked around at the show later on during the day, which was kind of nice, but I really didn’t feel like I did all the years before. It wasn’t really as much fun as the previous years.

Anyway, Sunday morning again up at sparrows fart, went to the Clinic, and this time round they were a bit late. Then the most terrible thing happened... I just can’t believe that people has become so unprofessional, impersonal, unemotional about this whole infertility thing, especially not the people that work with these things daily. The lady asked us for our sample, and because it might take us longer than an hour to get there, she should have known by now that we produce the sample there (O yes and I mentioned it the Saturday). Anyway, there were another couple that also went for IUI, and the guy got his turn to go into the room, she then directed us to another room.

She said: “you can use the room on this side”
Me: “O is there rooms, I’ve never been to one of them:
She: “Yes here you go” pointing towards the room.

As I came around the corner to look at the room she directed us straight into the toilet. Lovely… Fucking Lovely. So there P was, he was so upset he really got that strange look in his eyes, and off cause, I got it… because of a stupid, unemotional bitch lady I got the back end of it, and he said: “You better fall pregnant now I had it with this crap” man I really didn’t know how to deal with it, and I still think I don’t really know how to deal with it. I still feel upset and emotional about this comment. I know it was not directed at me but rather the situation, but still...

Anyway, IUI post-ovulation was done on Sunday 7 march 2010, and I’ve started with the progesterone vaginal cream this morning, I’ll also start with Utrogestan capsules tonight 2x 100mg at night before I go to sleep, and on CD23 (11 March 2010) I’ll start on Gestone injections. Hopefully my body will play its part and absorb the progesterone as needed. All I can do now is wait out my 2 weeks and on 19 March 2010 I’ll do my blood test.

Please hold thumbs…

Wishing all the other ladies lost of luck on their journey... and myself with my own 2ww

03 March 2010


Okay, so the Randfontein show has officially started today. So I am very eager to get home and run off to the show, but I'll be stuck in the office till about 7PM tonight which means I'll only get home at about 8PM and I still need to study and tackle the darn assignment which is due on Monday. I'll most probably only be able to dash off to the show on Saturday.

Anyway, went to the clinic today and I was really optimistic and very positive... (Only good vibes), so Dr did my scan, and there they were, my precious (and I really mean they are precious to me) follicles. One measuring a full 19.3mm (this one was the original 15.5) and another one which were initially 14.5 has grown to a full 15mm, there a number of other smaller once measuring +- 13 - 15 so IT'S A GREAT CYCLE LADIES IT'S JUST GREAT! I have never seen more than 1 - 2 follicles, and now it more... (Attracting good vibes)

I believe that my clock has turned and I hope only good things will come my way!

So here's the schedule for the weekend

  • Friday - take the Ovidrel injection
  • Saturday - First insemination (Before ovulation) 
  • Sunday - second insemination (after ovulation)

01 March 2010

Update on Scan

Okay, so I went for my CD12 Scan yesterday, and was really very optimistic about it. I have had so many cramps with the injections and meds that I really thought everything in there was going hunky dory!

Anyway, I rediscovered my blood group which I have totally forgotten what group I was (hey but now I know) and the rest of the blood works came back pretty good except for my Sugar levels and Progesterone levels. So this really made me feel down again. Dr have prescribed Glucophage for me and I started using the tablets at night for the first week and then one in the morning and one at night for the next 6 months. So we'll have to see how on earth I’m going to cope with that, as it really makes you run to the loo very very very often.

Over and above this, I got new Fertomid tablets and more Gonal F... Why you'd ask, and the only answer I want to give is my bloody body again, but to put it nicely: My body has once again been on the slow side on CD 12 I have only 2 follicles which are almost there one on the left is 13.5mm and the one on the right is 14.5mm. So another scan has been scheduled for Wednesday to see how the follicles have progressed.

Wish me luck girls... and please please please keep me in your thoughts as I really need thoughts and prayers this cycle! Feeling a bit on the down side

On the working front:

Well we start with our official Night classes today, and believe me when I tell you I doubt if I’m going to make these 3 months. Every Monday we'll be going off at 15:00 as the traffic towards that area is very hectic and the classes start at 5, and I’ll only get home at 23:00 tonight. Luckily hubby will be able to look after himself, and I'll grab something to eat on my way there.

So that's my very quick update... enjoy this week