08 March 2010


Good morning all,

I thought that the post for today will cover what has happened in our world the last couple of days

On Wednesday 3 March 2010 (CD15), I had another scan as mentioned in my previous post and everything felt like it was on track. Then Thursday morning came, and with it came spotting. So off cause I was terrified that CD1 is about to come sooner than expected, so I phoned the clinic and they put my mind a little to rest, as it could be because of the scan. So I had to monitor the bleeding and report back if there were any stronger bleeding, which luckily didn’t happen.


Bright and early on Saturday we were up and ready to dash off to the clinic which is about an hour 15min drive from our home. As we got there they were already waiting for us. So P did what he had to, and we went off to have a breakfast while we were waiting. Then at about 9:30am we returned and we did our pre-ovulation IUI, which really went well, no cervical problems… JIPPY and I spend most of the day relaxing as much as possible. We walked around at the show later on during the day, which was kind of nice, but I really didn’t feel like I did all the years before. It wasn’t really as much fun as the previous years.

Anyway, Sunday morning again up at sparrows fart, went to the Clinic, and this time round they were a bit late. Then the most terrible thing happened... I just can’t believe that people has become so unprofessional, impersonal, unemotional about this whole infertility thing, especially not the people that work with these things daily. The lady asked us for our sample, and because it might take us longer than an hour to get there, she should have known by now that we produce the sample there (O yes and I mentioned it the Saturday). Anyway, there were another couple that also went for IUI, and the guy got his turn to go into the room, she then directed us to another room.

She said: “you can use the room on this side”
Me: “O is there rooms, I’ve never been to one of them:
She: “Yes here you go” pointing towards the room.

As I came around the corner to look at the room she directed us straight into the toilet. Lovely… Fucking Lovely. So there P was, he was so upset he really got that strange look in his eyes, and off cause, I got it… because of a stupid, unemotional bitch lady I got the back end of it, and he said: “You better fall pregnant now I had it with this crap” man I really didn’t know how to deal with it, and I still think I don’t really know how to deal with it. I still feel upset and emotional about this comment. I know it was not directed at me but rather the situation, but still...

Anyway, IUI post-ovulation was done on Sunday 7 march 2010, and I’ve started with the progesterone vaginal cream this morning, I’ll also start with Utrogestan capsules tonight 2x 100mg at night before I go to sleep, and on CD23 (11 March 2010) I’ll start on Gestone injections. Hopefully my body will play its part and absorb the progesterone as needed. All I can do now is wait out my 2 weeks and on 19 March 2010 I’ll do my blood test.

Please hold thumbs…

Wishing all the other ladies lost of luck on their journey... and myself with my own 2ww


  1. O my friend how I cringed when I read this. I'm so sorry this happened. As if it isn't enough what you are dealing with.

  2. I'm so sorry too! It can all get so stressful, unfortunately. Take care. I'm hoping with you that those are the last IUIs!

    thank you so much for your comment on my post.

    Hugs & prayers!

  3. Ek was nie so baie by die comper so nou kan ek weer opvang. Sterkte met jou 2ww ek hou al my duime vas dat dit die keer werk.

    Dink aan jou!! Die bleddie klinieke maak mens mal!!

  4. Oh, I hope your unpleasant experience is at worth it in the end. GL :)
    thinking of you

  5. Morning everyone, thank you so much for the comments, I really needed the support, hugs and prayers!

  6. Wishing you much much luck! Sorry the 2nd IUI wasn't such a good experience - hoping it will all be worth it in the end!! Hugs.

  7. Love the title of your blog. I'm hoping you're doing better.

  8. I think you're being v brave to express this in a public forum, I am sure it will be helpful to others going through the same situation. I wish you all the best, my fellow SITSer - I hope things get happier from here.

  9. You're in my prayers and want to thank you for sharing this very difficult journey.

    Thanks for visiting my site. Please come back, SITSta

  10. I am so sorry you had to deal with such a bad experience. I am sending lots of positive thoughts your way and I hope everything works out.


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