03 March 2010


Okay, so the Randfontein show has officially started today. So I am very eager to get home and run off to the show, but I'll be stuck in the office till about 7PM tonight which means I'll only get home at about 8PM and I still need to study and tackle the darn assignment which is due on Monday. I'll most probably only be able to dash off to the show on Saturday.

Anyway, went to the clinic today and I was really optimistic and very positive... (Only good vibes), so Dr did my scan, and there they were, my precious (and I really mean they are precious to me) follicles. One measuring a full 19.3mm (this one was the original 15.5) and another one which were initially 14.5 has grown to a full 15mm, there a number of other smaller once measuring +- 13 - 15 so IT'S A GREAT CYCLE LADIES IT'S JUST GREAT! I have never seen more than 1 - 2 follicles, and now it more... (Attracting good vibes)

I believe that my clock has turned and I hope only good things will come my way!

So here's the schedule for the weekend

  • Friday - take the Ovidrel injection
  • Saturday - First insemination (Before ovulation) 
  • Sunday - second insemination (after ovulation)


  1. Hoop dies jou cycle!!! Dit klink so goed!!!! Ek hou duime was! KUP!!


  2. Good luck on your journey! Thanks for stopping by to welcome me to SITS :)

  3. Fantastic!! everything crossed for you my friend!!

  4. Oooh, I wish you the best of luck this weekend! I really hope this is it for you :)

  5. What great news to hear! Good luck! I'm sending all sorts of good vibes your way.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  6. I'm so sending a truckload of good vibes your way!

  7. Yea for good follies :) I hope all continues to go well.

  8. best wishes!

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

  9. Wonderful! So glad the scan went well and I'm hoping with you!

  10. Wishing you so much luck for this weekend! Positivity goes a long long way. Thinking of you!


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