31 January 2008


I guess some of you that read this page know exactly what I’m talking about if I say Ferti-boost, but the other may not know…. So let me explain

Ferti-boost is a natural hormone-regulating and stimulating product, for the treatment of infertility. You get a month’s course, designed to be repeated over a 3 – 6 month period, with 3 medicines each for the male and the female. The package comprises of a Homeopathic formula (x2) a Chinese Herbal formula (x2) and a Western Herbal Formula (x2). It is designed to help aspiring parents suffering from “Unexplained infertility” where more aggressive therapies aren’t indicated.

Founder of the LIFE CENTRE in South Africa, Dr Colin La Grange is a respected Homoeopath, Acupuncturist and Doctor of Chinese Medicine. Carte Blanche, has aired two segments (22.08.2004 & 23.04.2006) on the success and uniqueness of Dr Colin's fertility treatments, highlighting success stories that are a result of a combination of the treatments offered at the LIFE CENTRE and the use of Ferti-boost. The second segment resulted in one of the biggest telephonic responses to an aired Carte Blanche segment in the program's twelve years on air.

They say Ferti-boost works on 5 levels as per the Ferti-boost webpage.

1. Ferti-boost stimulates the body's natural ability to produce and regulate the hormones necessary for healthy reproductive function:

  • Oestrogen - for follicle and egg development and laying down the endometrial lining
  • Progesterone - for maturation of the endometrium and sustain the pregnancy; precursor to both oestrogen and testosterone.
  • Testosterone - for maturation and production of health good quality sperm and production of oestrogen
  • LH - pituitary hormone for the release of the egg from the follicle at the time of ovulation and the stimulation of the follicle to become the corpus luteum; stimulation of the interstitial cells of the testicle for the production of testosterone
  • FSH - brain hormone that stimulates the production of both follicles and sperm

2. The homoeopathic medicine in Ferti-boost aids the ability of the reproductive tissues to respond appropriately to the hormones when they are present in the blood stream, and to regulate correct feedback controls.

3. Ferti-boost prevents the negative effects that stress has on the reproductive function by reducing the levels of physiological cortisol to:

  • prevent a drain on the progesterone levels, and therefore the testosterone and oestrogen levels
  • normalise the blood sugar levels as the insulin cortisol ratio is brought under control to prevent insulin resistance often seen in polycystic ovarian syndrome

4. Chinese Herbal medication helps to re-balance the physiological system involved in the manufacture of blood and Qi of the "kidney" and "spleen" systems. These systems determine egg and sperm quality, as well as nourish the uterus. If improved, the uterine circulation and ability to make the proliferating endometrium can then convert into the secreting endometrium capable of supporting implantation. "Liver blood stagnation" is prevented, which in turn helps prevent the congestion and oestrogen dominance associated with endometriosis formation.

5. Western Herbal and naturopathic medicine provide the nutrients necessary for the building of sperm endometrium and eggs. They also provide essential nutrients such as the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids necessary for the production of eggs and sperm.

Most people will notice positive changes within the first month, such as improvements in well-being, energy levels and menstrual cycles. Ferti-boost is recommended as a three to six month program as the body takes time to regulate, and sperm take seventy-two days to be manufactured from stem cells to mature sperm. For women, Ferti-boost is designed to form one good quality follicle and egg per month, making sure the lining of the uterus responds by growing in the first half of the cycle and maturing adequately in the second half of the cycle thus creating a perfect balance.

For those who have used Ferti-boost before. Let me know what you think?


  1. Hi Stef,

    The information is a bit overwelming, I have passed it on to one of my friends. She is also struggling with fertility issues, and I'm sure she will find the information either interesting or beneficial.

    Thanks for sharing


  2. I can definitely recommend this product! I struggled with long irregular cycles and took ages to fall pregnant. Twice I eventually ended up falling pregnant but both times ended in miscarriage. Following my D&C I started on Fertiboost. It gradually brought my cycles down to a healthy cycle and within 5 months I fell pregnant and today I have a precious little girl! I know all to well that without Fertiboost we would have struggled on forever. I have since recommended to a few people (some are not up for suggestions though) and the 2 who tried it fell pregnant. One after 4 months and the other after 5. They had been trying for years! I am currently on my 3rd month again trying for number 2 :-)


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