11 January 2008

Blast from the past

Another day, another bit of details… I think that everyone wishes that I will just give up this fight. You can not imagine how a whole lot of doors close when you ask about your past. Your adoptive parents look as if they know, but they don’t tell…. And so the story of my life is locked away in the past… a past that doesn’t seem as colourful as what one would like it to be. Once you start with such a journey, you open up such a huge can of creepy crawlies… worms or what ever you want to call it. On 09 Jan 2008, I discovered that the registrar of adoptions can provide me with copies of my adoption case file content, which of cause is great news. All I have to do is to provide them with a registered stamp obtained from the post office, including a letter stating that you want the copies… Interesting you might think, but how is it that they never tell you these things up front, and 10 years down the line, I only find this out. Mmmm makes me wonder…. Let me ponder on this one for a while… I got hold of my step grandfathers’ details the other night. Great I thought at first, but when I worked out the details he is suppose to be about 74, cool age to be, but in today’s rush of a life, one never seem to see the daylight at that age, or so I believe. I tried to get hold of him, and guess what, I was right. Unfortunately I got hold of the information a bit late in my life. He has passed on in 2003. But I will still not give up hope. I also discovered my moms’ funeral pamphlet, which has a few names in of the carriers as well as some other details on who has buried her. So I contacted them in search for the details they have on file. This detail is old, so they would have to go into archives, but I’m full of hope about it. Maybe... Just maybe there might be something. Something that leads me, one more step closer to completing this puzzle.

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  1. Hi Stef,

    I just want to say, that it will not be an easy journey. To digg up all this information might become painful. There is alot at stake and I'm sure you know it.

    But remember that you can always rely on family and friends


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