23 April 2009


Hi there everyone stopping by and thank you for your visits… I have to be honest and say I love the ICLW weeks. First time I’m part of it and I’m sure it will definitely not be the last… Anyway, as you all know (for those who doesn’t you’ll catch up quick), I went for my scan and mucus testing yesterday 21 April 2009, which the results were no so good, I really hoped that everything would be fine, but once again my body has a mind of it’s own. So my acidity levels were so high, none of our little natural attempt swimmers survived it… darn, what is going on with my body. The other day with the tests the acidity was fine… but Dr truly calmed me down and still recommended that we carry out the insemination today. So I got a little tummy injection, and waited for today… So Mr P (hubby) was very brave this morning! Shame I still giggle when I think about it, but he was disgusted with me anyway! Seeing that all the previous attempts we managed to get our little swimmer to the lab in about 45min, this morning it would have been a disaster trying to attempt this. We just live to far away. So Mr P decided that he’ll rather take up the moment at the clinic. I warned him, and one of our friends warned him it’s not the same as at home, but he was confident it wouldn’t have an impact, but off cause I had to go with. So we got up before the sparrows even thought about it, and off we went to the Dr. Arrived at about 7:30 and we had to have it in by 8:00, off we went to the little room, and all I could do was giggle. I just couldn’t stop myself this morning. I think it’s because every time I talk about the fact that I still feel shy when I lay there legs stretched he thinks it’s not all bad, and now it’s he’s tern and he feels embarrassed. I really had fun this morning. We laughed together and even though you could see he feels uncomfortable he was so sweet about it. We then went for a quick breakfast and he took off for work. I off cause had to stay behind. At about 9:15 I was called to go to the rooms, got undressed and relaxed for about 15 min before doctor arrived. He is such a blessing, I feel so blessed to have found this doctor. He made me feel comfortable in explaining everything, hubby’s mobility, motility, and quality is great. (I’m glad as the previous samples had issues), and doctor then started with the process. I believe everything went well. I hope I pray and I’ll keep faith that it went great. Now I still need to inject myself Saturday and use creams, tablets, Viagra (YIPPY) and on the 4th of May I will officially go for my hopeful BFP test, unless AF jumps the gun. So ladies and gents there you have it… now let’s hope and pray!

20 April 2009


I thought I’ll be able to blog today and tell you lots and lots of stuff, but unfortunately this is just another little snapshot of days of my life. So Tuesday 14 April 2009, was another day at the doctors offices for another scan to see how ovulation and my follies are progressing. Another huge disappointment as they are so small it just really sucks. Anyway, so there I had to swallow another lot of Estrofem and Clomid for a couple of days and I had to go back yesterday (Sunday 19 April). Hubby went with yesterday morning which was nice for a change, seeing that he can’t always make it. So we had to get up fairly early to travel to the doctors offices which is about 45min drive from our home. Got there and eventually saw doctor at 9am. Another scan was done, and we now managed to determine after all these years that my follies are only growing approximately 1mm in 2days, can you believe it… I just can’t believe my body is letting me down. So there is a little planning coming up, and we have an appointment on Wednesday morning which will determine how many active/life sperm is available in my mucus, depending on the testing and the results, we will be able to do inseminate on Thursday morning. In a way I feel exited and can’t wait for Thursday, but on the other hand I know I have to be optimistic but also sceptic. I suppose we will have to wait and see…. On the work front, my contract is ending at the company I currently work for, which means I will be moving very shortly. Scary, exciting and very stressful…! The wait to see where I’ll be going to is also killing me, I hate the long waits, I don’t like the interviews and I really don’t like the fact that I don’t have control over it, but at least before the interviews and stuff, hubby, me his brother and sister their children and spouses will be going to a campsite about an hours drive away from home. Hopefully this time will give me time to relax, and get focussed on all the tasks ahead. Get myself motivated again, and hopefully I’ll feel much, much, much more rest out than what I currently feel like. So ladies, I will hopefully be able to give you more details on Wednesday and Thursday…. And please, please, please keep me in your prayers and thoughts. Have a blessed week!

09 April 2009


This month is a very short month with all the public holidays, and no I am definitely not complaining. I can’t wait to pack up my stuff and duck, but the day is still ahead and I need to get through it before I can even go into weekend mode. For those of you who will be travelling over the Easter weekend, drive and return safely and enjoy the Easter weekend, and for those who will only spend the Easter with family and friends at home, have a great time. Have a blessed Easter everyone!

06 April 2009

Hide Away

And so Friday arrived in all it glory, and what a beautiful morning it was. I was so eager to go for my blood test seeing that AF still hasn’t arrived, so off I went to get ready. Oops it was a bit early though so I had to sit and wait for the offices to open before I go. Anyway, as I sat there waiting in anticipation for the one thing that could be the best day of my life AF arrived, and with that all the emotions, heartache, self-pity, hatred and so this list could grow and grow, I really were so exited, and I knew not to get my hopes to high but I did, and that really brought me back to earth with a BIG BANG! So I contacted the clinic to confirm that AF arrived as per our agreement, Dr then prescribed more meds (Estrofem) due to the fact that the blood test on day 23 of my cycle indicated that my progesterone levels were not satisfactory, he also gave me Clomid which I need to use for a couple of days. Then on the 14th day, I’ll return for a scan. Darn, I really got my hopes up this time, and I really couldn't stop crying this weekend, I am just unable to pick my head up and face everything at this point in time. So for now, I'll be going in hide away until I can find away to face life again

02 April 2009


I’ve been reading a couple of blogs this week where ladies very elaborating explain how often they do their little panty inspections, and have to be honest, some of the ladies are quite funny in the ways they explain this. I of cause thought that this is something not everyone will do, and I figured that I would be different, only to prove myself wrong! Well as you all know, we went to the new Clinic on the 20th of March, and we had to plan naturally for the first time while other test had to be conducted, with of cause a little help from a “Boereraad”. Anyway, from there I had to go for a progesterone blood test on Monday 30th of March, and should AF not start between today and tomorrow morning, I will have a second progesterone and a B-hcg quantitative test. Anyway, since yesterday, I found myself running to the loo every time anything seem to feel different doing the one thing I thought I’ll never do and laughing every time I saw someone else mention it on their blog. Now I am guilty as charged, doing the same even though I have a little cramping on the left hand side, but not heavy like I normally would, maybe my hopes is already to high, maybe I’m just opening myself to heartache, I don’t know, but I’m sure as Hell trying desperately to remain positive, hopeful, and a little exited. This can potentially mean that by tomorrow I will land up being miserable, feeling heartbroken and hateful, but I’m just taking it 1 hour at a time for now…