02 April 2009


I’ve been reading a couple of blogs this week where ladies very elaborating explain how often they do their little panty inspections, and have to be honest, some of the ladies are quite funny in the ways they explain this. I of cause thought that this is something not everyone will do, and I figured that I would be different, only to prove myself wrong! Well as you all know, we went to the new Clinic on the 20th of March, and we had to plan naturally for the first time while other test had to be conducted, with of cause a little help from a “Boereraad”. Anyway, from there I had to go for a progesterone blood test on Monday 30th of March, and should AF not start between today and tomorrow morning, I will have a second progesterone and a B-hcg quantitative test. Anyway, since yesterday, I found myself running to the loo every time anything seem to feel different doing the one thing I thought I’ll never do and laughing every time I saw someone else mention it on their blog. Now I am guilty as charged, doing the same even though I have a little cramping on the left hand side, but not heavy like I normally would, maybe my hopes is already to high, maybe I’m just opening myself to heartache, I don’t know, but I’m sure as Hell trying desperately to remain positive, hopeful, and a little exited. This can potentially mean that by tomorrow I will land up being miserable, feeling heartbroken and hateful, but I’m just taking it 1 hour at a time for now…

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  1. Hi Stefanie,

    That will teach you not to laugh at others girl... I feel for you, just hang in there, cause at the end you'll get the results in a couple of hours.

    I really hold my thumbs


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