18 September 2008

What a start to a day

Another day arrived with all it surprises, this morning when I woke up I went down on my knees and really prayed so hard, I really want to be pregnant. After I prayed the normal daily routine started, shower, get dressed and off we go to work. We still had a chat in the car about the fact that I might be pregnant, and were discussing how and when we will actually let the family know… Anyway, got to work at about 8:00 this morning, because of traffic congestions, and as I walked in, I had to run to the loo… it felt as if my bladder was about to fall out, sjoe, ran and Ya… just guess what… She came, CD1 started, lightly though, but she’s here. I feel so de-motivated, so disgusted, so angry, so pitiful… I just want to sit in my little corner ad cry for the day! And I know I need to pick myself right back up, but what you know and what you’re up to is two very different things. Well now you have it, I guess we were all just wrong, I must have known, I must have known…!

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  1. Hi Stef,
    I wanted to comment on you message yesterday, but thought that I'll wait and see if you post anything today. You just have to be strong, hang in there, I know it's hard to pick yourself right back up, but try. You are going through so much, and all I can do is support you. I will keep praying for you!


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