29 August 2008

Acupuncture sessions 5

Once again another day of acupuncture and this time Pieter didn’t have to go again. Interesting how the acupuncture works though. When I got there, we first had a little discussion in terms of how and when to plan… so cycle day 11, 13 and 15 should be the priority on our calendar, plan, plan, plan and plan a little more. She then once again took my blood pressure, and off I went into the room, Dr Leigh requested that I lay on my back, take off my watch, socks and loosen my belt. Once again she opens her little needles one by one from the packet, placing them gently. She places one in my calf of each leg, placing the other one just above my knees, and one very low on my leg almost on the foot. Moving up on the arms, she places one in the forearm, one on the wrist and one almost on the bend of you arms. Then again the belly… mmmm, will I get electrodes this time? Or will I just be lucky enough to go without and have a nice snooze.. she palces 4 needles on the belly, in a cross like shape, and one on the head… Ouch! Ouch! And then she link the electrodes to all 4 of the needles placed on the tummy. I had to wait and feel when I feel the electrodes flow through the needles, and when it reaches the point where you feel all 4 she leaves it like that and you lay and have your snooze (if you can) for about 30 minutes. I have to say that for someone who is scared of needles it’s really not that bad. I started dozing off, and by the time I could feel myself going into a nice sleep, the buzzer went off and woke me. Aaa the time has flown by, time to take off the electrodes and remove all the needles. Once again Dr Leigh took her little glass bottles, and lit the piece of cotton, and then she placed it inside the bottle for it to start a little flame, and places the bottles on my back. If I’m not mistaken I counted about 6 bottles, hey but I can be wrong seeing that I don’t have eyes on my back. I sat there with these pieces of glass sucking away on the flesh of my back. It pulls the skin and it’s really becomes a bit sensitive after a while. So I sat for about 10 minutes while Dr Leigh also assisted another patient. After the 10 minutes had gone by, she came and removed the bottles on by one, and when she removes it, it really is a pleasant feeling, she then rubs and ointment onto these marks and off you go. She then also placed a little round needle this time in the right ear, I now need to have this in for this week, and she will remove the needle on Friday. No medicine for 2 weeks, and another acupuncture session coming up Friday. Poor Pieter still has to take his bit of medicine, 8 in the morning and 8 at night with luke warm water.


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