08 August 2008

Acupuncture sessions 2

Here I am once again at another acupuncture session. Well today is different as hubby decided to join me seeing that he is at home, due to his operation. So he had a seat on the bed opposite to where I was laying. Once again the same little routine, blood pressure, take off watch, socks, shoes and loosen everything around the tummy… and almost the same as the previous session happened, so not really much I can tell you which was different. Except for the fact that this time hubby was there with me, this was really a pleasant experience for me! Anyway, she then turned to me at the end of our session and had a tiny little tweezers and a packet in her hand. She then explains that she will be placing a little round needle in my ear, she will start with the left ear, just to ensure that my body strengthens quickly. She then placed this little round needle in the top of my left ear with the tweezers and I had to walk with that for a whole week, until I see her again, man o man… how does anybody scared of needles survive that….


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