10 May 2010


On Wednesday night after work and on my way home later than usual, my best friend from school phoned and invited us over for supper. It was so glad that she invited us over as I really didn’t feel like preparing anything. I desperately needed the sleep as I had evening classes on Monday and Tuesday, and I felt a bit stressed out for the IUI, so off we went. After we ate and sat and watched a movie with them it was time to go. We all gathered outside and her 2 children greeted us like they always do (They are such loveable children) my friend gave me a big hug and wished us luck for Thursday. She then grabbed our hand and asked everyone to stand there and hold hands while she will say a prayer, however as she started the tears took over and I could actually see how emotional she is about what we are experiencing. It is such an honor to have a friend like this. She is such an amazing person and I’m truly blessed to have her in my life.

So Thursday morning started very bright and early, and P and I had to rush off to the Clinic seeing that it a bit of travel for us. Got there P delivered our little swimmers and then off he went as his boss is kind of funny with him wanting to be late and be with me. So I told him to just go I don’t want any issues at this stage of my life. Anyway so Pre-ovulation IUI was done. I am a bit skeptical as the Ovulation predictors kit showed that I ovulated already. Then again Friday morning myself and P went very early, dear hubby was such a sweetie, he then once again delivered our little swimmers and this time round he had breakfast before he had to rush off to work, which left me feeling a bit in a better mood than Thursday.

So eventually I returned to the Clinic and had to sit and wait for my turn. When I went into the little procedure room I sat and waited for Dr to arrive and felt very teary eye. Starting to question everything in my head, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to give myself the answers, but I really had all these questions. Dr Then stepped in, he completed the IUI and off he went to the next room. While I was laying there all kind of emotions got the better of me as I lay their and having a little cry. I don’t know why I feel like crying but I do. Afterwards I picked up my progesterone cram and Utrogestan tablets and headed to work where I have a jam packed day filled with lots of issues.

Of cause the weekend follows all of this, and let me tell you what an exhausting weekend but it was fun. My friends little girl played netball and my godchild rugby, and it’s so amazing to see these little once try their utmost best at this weird and wonderful game. So Saturday morning was my first day of progesterone cream and the night my first Utrogestan, which didn’t leave me with any side effects, except for the fact that my breasts are so tender that even the water from the shower makes me want to cry. I have never experienced so much tenderness in my breasts ever before. It’s been to such extend that I kept on waking up during the night whenever I moved or turned. I don’t know why it feels like this, but what I do know is that I’ll have a couple of sleepless nights till the tenderness settles.

SO LADIES AND GENTS… my 2WW (2 Week Wait) has officially started and I will be testing sooner thought as Dr is a bit concerned so I will test on cycle day 26 which is 17 May 2010.

Wish me luck and send me tons of baby dust I really need it!

A photo of me and my best friend S (S is the lady on the right)


  1. Sending you lotsa positive vibes..let this be your last 2WW

  2. I agree Stef, I hope this is your last 2WW. Good luck Sweetie

  3. HI Stef, Good luck!!! your special!! Do you hear the knock on your door???? its me that have just courier bags of bady dust!!!!!

  4. Thinking of you during this 2ww and wishing for your BFP, Stef!!


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