05 May 2010


Herewith a very quick update on what happened last night. I added it into one comment but not sure if you’ll see it.

So last night while I was on training, I really had to inject my Ovidrel injection, however seeing that I’m always to scared to just inject myself I normally go to the closes emergency service but this time I really couldn’t as I had training during the time period in which I had to do the injection. So off I went. First I sat down, I could feel my body starting to shake from nervousness I pinched the skin on my stomach and I thought now or never and I stuck it in.

I have to say it actually felt better that someone else injecting you. It didn’t feel as sore.

So ladies and gentlemen MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I DID IT!


  1. Way to go! Congratulations!

  2. YAY!!!! I agree - it doesn't hurt as much when you do it to yourself!

  3. Cool, ek het geweet jy kan!!!

  4. Oh well DONE! Once you get one done yourself, the rest just become easier and easier!
    Best of luck going forward - looking forward to your updates!


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