03 May 2010


Okay so this morning was my CD12 scan, and I was really not in the best of moods. See I’ve been going to our local hospital for my injections every morning and so I managed to have found the most insensitive sister you could ever have. Last week she was asking me when we will decide to just let it go and give up and then on Saturday she asked why I rather don’t go to my house doctor to get the injections. Man let me tell you both times I really had to bite my lip, as I would have attacked her and most likely would have end up in jail. So this morning I phoned the Head Sister in the emergency services and explained everything to her and told her that I really didn’t appreciate these comments and that next time I will not bite my lip, but I’ll say the most rudest thing to her I could think of at that moment…. And now I’ll be thinking of that comment and be prepared….!

Now back to CD12, I really like my Doctor, at the most darkest times he really tries his best to make you feel so much better, he asked me how the injections was, explained again how I should administer them myself and then after I told him about my bad experience at the hospital he said…. “Stuff the people…. We are the people, and don’t you let anyone tell you what to do. It’s all in your hands” so off I went after this discussion and went for my scan. On my left side I didn't stimulate and there are many follies, but they are so small, they will not grow quick enough, then on my right side there are 2 nice follies. One measuring 15.1 and the other 17.3, so I’ll be going for my Ovidrel injection tomorrow night, but seeing that my body is so slow with everything where I normally have the IUI procedure done the next day, we will only have it done Pre-ovulation on Thursday and Post Ovulation on Friday and then off cause the 2 week wait starts.

That’s my quick update for today.

Have a stunning week; we have cold wet weather it feels like winter is here…


  1. WOW, I can't believe I'm so luck to have gotten here just after you posted.

    My friend all the best for this cycle you are truly an amazing women. Hang in there and Best of luck for this cycle and the 2ww

  2. Hoping this is your last cycle so that you do not need to deal with that Itchy nurse again

  3. oooh! 2 big 'uns! That's so encouraging! I work at a Catholic hospital...those sisters are rough!

    Thinking good thoughts!!

  4. Ek hou regtig duim vas vir jou!! Dalk moet jy die naald vat en dit in die suster in kap!!!

    Sulke onbeskofheid het jy nie nodig nie!!!!


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