05 June 2008

Fertilization and a bit more

Well like you would know by now, a sperm must meet and fertilize an egg, and you also know that there are so many factors that affect this, and which also affect your fertility, these of cause include the timing of ovulation, how long the egg lasts and if you had a strong swimmer present. Now for ladies with a regular cycle it is easy to calculate when ovulation occurs, because ovulation almost always happens 14 days before you expect your period to start. For those ladies with a 30 day cycle, you can expect to ovulate 16 days after the last period, which is 14 days before the next one… Now some of us aren’t that fortunate, and have an irregular cycle, which means we cannot predict when we will ovulate, in retrospect, we can calculate that ovulation occurred 16 days before a period, which really doesn’t help in planning a pregnancy. At least there are ovulation predictor kits to determine when we will ovulate; these kits detect the rise in hormones that occurs before the egg is released. It is said that a egg last approximately 24 hours after we have ovulated and if sperm are available during this 24 hours window, we can still get pregnant, we can still get pregnant by planning anywhere from several days before ovulation to the day after ovulation. It is believed that if you ovulate on day 14 you can get pregnant anytime between day 9-15 and maybe day 8-16 as well. Another question a lot of women have is of cause the one old question, how long till I’m pregnant. Now many women are surprised when they don’t fall pregnant the first month they try, and they say it normally takes about several months to become pregnant. Studies shows that 50% of women will be pregnant in the first 4 months, 75% will be pregnant in 8 Months and 90% will be pregnant within a year. Should you have been trying for longer that 1 year it is believed that you should make an appointment with a gynaecologist or an infertility specialist for complete examination and testing.

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