03 June 2009


Well, as I promised on the 8’s, I’ve decided to change my look a bit. You’ll all know I used to be blond… so I decided to have a little colour and cut… and it did me wonders… it’s actually strange how a cut and colour can change how you feel.. First off all, when I decided to make the change on Saturday, I went to the salon I always go to, but they were so full that I had to wait about 2 hours… and that was already 14:00, so I would miss the big rugby game if I wait, so we decided to drive down the road, and jip we found another open salon. As I walked in, to my amazement, I saw the guy (the stylist), and he used to do my hair, and disappeared a while ago, and I had to find another salon. I was so excited to have found him again… anyway; he squeezed me in… because if you know me, you’ll know that I’m not patient if it comes to waiting for something…
Anyway, this used to be the old me….
And this is the transformed new me
A view from the side (well almost from the side)
Another view from the side
A view from the Back
and lastly the whole me!
So what do you think?


  1. O my Gosh! It looks stunning. It's the first time you've ever gone that dark... I know you as a blondie or red head :-)

    It looks stunning Stef

  2. Wow! It looks great! A very elegant look. It's true that a good cut and colour has life transforming powers!

  3. very very nice! i love it! i'm getting ready for a nice cut and color before we leave for alaska...can't wait!

  4. Thank you ladies, I appreciate your feedback. I feel like a new me. I just love my transformation...

    AK_Sapphire - Hope you post some pics of the new cut and color... it's always great to see!

  5. Your hair look exceptionally stunning! It looks as if it's so easy to maintain and easy to manage

    Love your new look

  6. I really like your new hair!
    It suits you so well, especially your great skin tone.


  7. Wow! Big difference! I always admire people who have the guts to change things up like that. I, myself, do not...I'm a scaredy cat.

    I love the dark..it's very rich and distinctive and I like the color against your face!

    Christina from unquestionablelove

  8. Oh I LOVE this hair!! You are a totally different person, the brown just warms up your face. Hair therapy is my favorite "feel good" passtime.

    Sabrina ICLW


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