15 June 2010


As you all know this month has been a month with no planning. We had to do a couple of other things which urgently needed our attention and we weren’t really able to do all of these things while planning as financially it wouldn’t have been possible.


So anyway this month has made me realized how really bonkers my body has gone.


Let me explain


Normally throughout my cycle I have had very little indication of what was happening to my body. I used to have slight to none breast tenderness and hardly ever felt ovulation. I have had a lot of cramps the day before AF and have a close to death experience every time AF arrives. Sometimes I wondered whether I’ll die from all the pain that AF brings, but here I am, still alive and kicking. So anyway… what makes me believe that my body has gone bonkers? Okay so on this cycle (Without meds and NO planning) I seriously had breast tenderness… no let me rephrase that one… It’s been sore so bloody sore, and I don’t think the words express the pain, but anyway, I’m always very, very, very sure that I have felt ovulation. Which I tested with the OPK test and it turned out to be positive and then off cause AF. Well AF is still to come as I’m only on CD22, but yet again this morning for some reason my dear body has showed me another little thing al of a sudden this morning I now have a brown/pinkish color discharge. What the hell? What is this? Never had this really before? Why would this happen? Is it because I didn’t use meds this cycle? And YA I’m thinking enough with the Questions!  I kind of need answers…


And while I sit and type I’m trying to diagnose myself. Thinking of all possible answers to all the questions, trying to concentrate on whether I have pain, whether there is any indication of early AF. Could it just be AF, and yet again we’ll be back to square 1… BACK TO PLANNING



Well I hope my ranting didn’t chase away any of my readers!


Have an awesome day; I know I will as tomorrow is a public holiday for all in SA






  1. Could it be implantation bleeding?

  2. My thoughts exactly...we need an update on symptons..


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