16 September 2010

BLOG BUTTON - advice needed

A couple of years back I've created a blog button for my blog, nothing fancy but just something small which others could add to their blog button lists. Now I'm looking back at my design and I realize that I could have done so much more with it. I could have actually made it so much more interesting, and by realizing this I decided to create a new blog button, but I'm stuck. Even tough I know that I want to have a more colourful, more exiting, and more memorable type of button, I don't know what!

Darn decisions decisions... what do all of you thing? What should I use? What should I do? Should I make it on my own? Should I get someone to make it? and if someone who will be able to help?


  1. ek onthou die vorige button wat jy gemaak het. Ek dink jy moet iets maak wat vir jou treffend is, vat iets wat vir jou iets beteken.

  2. come now lady, start showing us some samples


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