23 May 2008

Some thoughts on the reproductive systems

Haven’t you ever wondered how the reproductive systems work… well as we all know all living things reproduce! In the human reproductive process, to kinds of gametes are involved, (gamete = wife, gametes = husband this is a cell that fuses with another gamete during fertilization) the male gametes and the female gamete, meets in the female’s reproductive system to create a new individual. Well I suppose this is information for beginners but hey not all of us knows everything, and I am also learning from stuff I read daily. So I thought that you wouldn’t mind reading this as well…. Unlike the male the female has a reproductive system located entirely in the pelvis, this just shows you that once again women are different from males, not that this is a shocker to anyone reading (ha-ha) anyway your uterus is shaped like an upside-down pear. It has a thick lining and muscular walls. Did you know that your uterus contains some of the strongest muscles in the female body? Well if not, it does, so you know now! At the upper corner of the uterus, you have fallopian tubes, which connect the uterus to the ovaries, you fallopian tubes are about 10 centimetres long and about as wide as a piece of spaghetti, within each tube is a passageway, about as wide as a sewing needle, at the other end of each fallopian tube is a fringed area that looks like a little funnel. The fringed area wraps around the ovaries but isn’t completely attached to your ovaries. When an egg comes out of an ovary, it enters the fallopian tube, in the fallopian tube, tiny hair in the tubes lining help to push the egg down the passageway towards your uterus. Now you ovaries are also part of the endocrine system because they produce hormones (Female Hormones) such as estrogen and progesterone…. Your ovaries are oval-shaped and lie to the upper right and left of the uterus, which produces, store and release eggs into your fallopian tubes when ovulation occurs. Each of your ovaries measures about 4 – 5 centimetres in a grown woman. The female reproductive system enables a woman to produce eggs, protect and nourish the fertilized egg until it is fully developed and to give birth. Now approximately once a month, during your ovulation, an ovary releases an egg into one of the fallopian tubes, unless the egg is fertilized while in the fallopian tube, the egg dries up and leaves the body about 2 weeks. The egg leaves the body through the uterus, and the process for this is called menstruation. Now I’m sure I don’t have to explain the menstruation process, because most of us just hate the thought of it, but on average the monthly cycle for an adult woman is about 28 days, but it rages from 23 to about 35 days. Well I guess that this is all I have for now, hopefully someone could benefit from the details added, if not I noted this as this is a journey I embarked on, and what ever I experience or read I want to be able to go back and read this one day. For those of you who has been following my blog, thank you for your great assistance, and I hope I have not bored you with the details of our dear female system….


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