20 May 2008


Mmm, I have not been able to chat to anyone in a very long time, nor did I post any feedback or information since March, so I thought today will be a good day to start sharing again. I guess that for the time I have not been able to blog, or read anyone else’s blog, I missed out on so much information and so many frustrations, but I promise I’ll make it up to you. I’ll ensure that I read your blogs and get up to date on your progress as well. A word of thanks to everyone who has supported me, and contacted me while I didn’t find the time to write I have met up with a couple of ladies who is in the beginning of their TTC. Some of them have not even started but is planning to conceive, and normally I’ll get so upset and frustrated with the questions, but for some reason I feel better about my situation, I think I have made peace with the fact that not everyone has problems, and that I can’t feel angry towards them. I also found that a lot of these ladies don’t even understand their own bodies, which is the scariest thought of it all. I sometimes wonder how many women is out there who don’t understand what their bodies are telling them, maybe I would have been uneducated about my body to if it wasn’t for the fact that I battled to conceive. Who knows, but I am glad that I have read everything there could be read. I just feel that knowing my body and understanding why I experience some of the things I do, makes a bigger difference than not knowing Anyway things have been hectic on my side, and fertomid has taken over my life. Ya well, 3 months have passed and no results yet for swallowing that little pill every morning, but I’m still going strong. Haven’t been able to go for acupuncture for a while due to work and family stuff, but will start again this week, or shall I rather say, will book and see when I’ll be able to find a spot. In a previous note I have chatted a bit about ovulation, and for some reason a couple of ladies has been asking a lot of questions related to temping and charting, so I decided to get the information and add this to the blog. It makes it easier if people want to read the information. We all just have a few fertile days in each cycle. By charting our information it will allow us to pinpoint the days we can conceive, but keep in mind, that this is an indication and for some it might not be possible to conceive on their own. By charting you’ll be able to find out when you ovulate based on your temperature entered as your temperature will rise closer to ovulation, and obviously blood test could also be done to determine whether you do ovulate. You will also be able to monitor your cycle regularity. A chart provides you with the opportunity to track and document your conception journey, and you will be able to print out the information once you need to have it available for an appointment with your healthcare provider, to enable you to provide all necessary information. There are many WebPages out there which can assist you in online charting, I only used the online facilities, but soon one tend to forget to record the details and I forgot the details when I had the time to record. So I made use of a printed chart, which I record my details on, and then retyped it into my online chart, which helps me, but what ever works the best for you. You’ll quickly realise which will be the best option for yourself. A lot of these sites will also be able to calculate ovulation detection based on your fertility signs you add into the chart, it tracks your cycle and provide you the option to go back into the details to monitor things like temperature, cervical fluids, when you use tests, what type of test you have used within the timeframe, and also when you have used any assisting medication. It provides functionality to graphically see your signs and some sites provide you with the feature to plan pregnancy test dates, track any factors which influences your fertility (Such as weight) and you will be able to calculate potential due dates should you fall pregnant. Well this is only mentioning a few, you will be able to go into the sites and see which the best chart is for you. What work for one doesn’t necessarily work for everyone!


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