10 January 2011


Another weekend has come and go and this weekend was filled with surprises. On Saturday I had my appointment with the dietitian, which left me feeling a bit down in the dumps.

My weight has really increased the last couple of years and I knew that I had to make a plan and that I had to make it quickly before starting off with our fertility things again, so I weighed in at 63, now that might not sound like a lot, but it is a lot for someone who is suppose to weigh 48 due to my height.

So today my diet officially started and I'm sitting here feeling very hungry, because I think now that I know that I can't have all the wonderful food, now I want it.

So dear all, wish me lots of luck, because this will not be as easy for me as what it is for others, it will be the first time ever that I go on a diet, and I suppose this will have to become a healthy eating living plan.

So breakfast today was 4 tablespoons of cooked oats with a bit of milk
then morning snack will be an apple and yogurt
then Lunch will be a 1/2 cup of rice with a salad and tuna
then late afternoon snack will be 3 provitas with a cheese wedge
and supper - I don't know yet but it will involve chicken or fish a small potato and salad or something

Have a stunning week people


  1. Good Luck with your diet!!!! It realy suck to be on one!!!

    May the KG vanish in the sky!!


  2. Good luck dearest, I know you'll manage to get there. Keep strong, and keep me updated

  3. Hey! I just swept by your blog. Found it through a mutual friend's. Wishing the best for you and looking forward to following your journey. Good luck on the diet!


  4. O wow my friend, good luck and I hope you shake all that extras you want to shake.

  5. Good luck with your diet!

  6. Good luck with dieting. I have never been on diet myself even though i might have been a good candidate. Thank you for reaching out for me. This is a great blog!.


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