03 January 2011


I'm normally not one of those people that come up with a whole list of New year's resolutions, but this year I've set a couple that I felt I really had to do.

I'm also sitting and wondering who out there have set the same type of resolutions or who have set any resolutions for the new year as I would love to link up and support those of you who have set their mind in achieving their goals.

For me the most important part of this year will be to try my utmost best to fall pregnant, and I mean try everything in my power possible, I know that it might sound stupid but I want to look back in 2012 and say that I have tried harder this year, I want to feel satisfied with my attempts and should I fall pregnant it would be the best blessing sent to us.

Okay so for my Resolution(s):

  • I have picked up some weight and I would like to blame all of it on the fertility medicines, but I also realise that I had a big part in this, so I have decided to call the dietitian today and will make my appointment with her in order for me to get back on my goal weight before attempting another cycle at the clinic
  • Hubby and I have also decided to cut down / stop drinking, and in the past we always said cut down only but we've never managed this on weekends when family and friends came over. This year we have decided to stop drinking, and will only have something if and when we really feel like it, and I have to say so far so good, we had our last champagne 12:00 on 31 December 2010, and nothing else yet.
  • and lastly - both of us decided to start gym, now this is kind of a tricky one as most of the gyms in our area close when we get home or it's so full that you wait forever to get to something, so honestly we will not hit the gym at our local gym but we will officially start using the huge gym hubby bought 2 year ago (ya we will have to get rid of all the dust on this first :-) but we will officially start using the gym)
So these are my New Year's resolutions and I hope I'll / we'll manage to look back the end of this year and realise that we have achieved our goals.

Happy 2011 People, May this year be the year where all you hopes and dreams come true!


  1. I know we didn't succeed in cutting down drinking - it's too easy to just finish the bottle of wine or whatever. We wound up cutting it out completely and it was MUCH easier! Bestest of luck with all your resolutions. :-)

  2. Hey Stef, good luck with the Resolutions and do keep us posted, and O yes, show some photos of the weight loss!

    Good luck my friend


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