15 February 2011


I hope most of you have submitted yout story on WHO'S BEEN BY YOUR SIDE?

I did... and here's my story about my loving husband

I have married my best friend and truly the love of my life.
He has been so supportive through our infertility journey.
He has shown commitment, he is tagging along when I change my mind; he provides me comfort on the days when I feel that my life has ended every time I get a negative result. He has supported me with both, emotional and physical challenges.

The days when I cry, he lends an ear and listens without judging or making any remarks. And when I’ve gone through any form of operation or treatment, he would always try to go the extra mile to help out with all the things he could.

He is truly the best person to have by your side. I love him very dearly


  1. That is so wonderful :) I realized that through IF, all the people who you previously thought would be there for you are not really there.

    Instead, it is that one person standing next to you, holding your hands through thick and thin, you best friend and partner, who is truly there for you.

  2. Dis so nice as jou man jou so ondersteun, want die pad is nie altyd maklik nie!!

    Mooi bly!!


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