20 July 2008

My little scheming

What a supper stunning day… Got out of bed very early, had a whole mission of getting hubby out of bed that early, because obviously it is the only time anyone would lay in a bit, is on a weekend. Eventually got him out of bed to go take a shower, while he was preparing I quickly took out some clothes for him, and started preparing. So we jumped in the car, I set the GPS and off we went… So we arrived at Onderstepoort, at horse stables… Ya you guessed it, we are going out on a horse trail. So we got out the car, went in and got introduces to our horses, of cause I had to get the naughtiest horse you’ll ever see… and poor Hubby got a lekker stubborn one… So off we go for a 3 hour ride in nature all around a dam. To start off with the horse Pieter was riding liked kicking and biting, never did I know that mine was naughty except for the little the people told us. What a stunning ride, all the way to a venue. There we left the horses in a camp with water and food, and took a walk into the venue to have some drinks, food and a nice peaceful rest. So after the hour we went back to the camp, starting to saddle up the horses again, and bribe them with peanut snacks because some of them would just not let you saddle them unless you had a snack. Lucky for us we bought some peanut snacks at a little tuck shop over at the resort. So after saddling up the horses, we took another route all the way back to the stables. Which turned out to be greater fun, as a group of people joined in and we were playing games, then eventually we had to cross a river, which was really just a stream, but NO the horse Pieter was on, just didn’t want to do anything. He got into the water and froze, he started drinking water, looked around, drank water and… after a whole big fuss to get him out of the water, eventually he started trotting along. Then of cause, mine (Hansa) had to start with his nonsense. You wouldn’t imagine how naughty this horse can be. His ears will pull to the back and he will start running to the first horse he spots, not matter what, bite him on the bum, and slowly starts walking again as if nothing has happened. In the meantime, the poor horse that got bitten on the bum will get this huge fright and sprint away with the person riding him. The poor people who got their first experience on a horse… Now you see them no you don’t… they were hopping and bumping until such time the horse came to a halt. I actually also felt this when Pieter’s started to nibble on Hansa… He ran like you wouldn’t believe, and all the way I’m pulling and flying and now stopping Hansa, I’ll tell you what a mission to get Hansa to stop. So we eventually got back at the stables and got off the horses, the horses saddles were taken off, and they were fed some carrots and stuff for their good behaviour. Ya right. So we decided to call it a day So with that it had to end… but I will definitely do this again. Pieter enjoyed himself so much, that he wants to go back very soon, and maybe take some of our friends and their children along. It was really a very pleasant day, out in nature and in the sun. We had a stunning time, and laughed without thinking of all your worries.


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