16 September 2009


Hi There,

Well it has been a while since I last wrote anything, but like I said before my life has become a nightmare with all the work on this side, but in between we’re still planning our family.

Today is actually supposed to be CD1 for me, but my aunt flo still has not arrived. I don’t mind of cause, and am very eager to go home and just buy lots and lots of tests and sit there and test and test and test till I get the positive that I so desperately need, or on the other hand, I feel like just relaxing sitting back and wait for Aunt flo, and if she’s not arrived till day 32 (because I have a 27 day cycle) then maybe get a bit exited and do the test. Either way it’s going to have a positive or negative emotional reaction, but the question is which I am willing to take. Work of cause could be a huge influencing factor, it could just be stress related and that could be why I haven’t started yet, or it could be our homeopathic medicine which could have thrown the cycles off….

I want to… or I don’t want to get my hopes up. I know that a lot of you ladies out there have gone through exactly the same. The emotions run high and you really don’t know which way to turn. I really desperately want this to be my BFP in life….

So do I test, or do I wait for cycle day 28 to pass and see what happens


  1. and you still ask people like me... I would say test girl test, but then again, I would think back on all the others and I would like to say, Stef, you do what's best for you. You know what you will be able to deal with, but remember I will always be there for you NO matter what. You are my best friend and I love you to bits

  2. Am so there with you every month. I have vowed to wait for AF to arrive this month and not test unless im really really late. Cant bear to see another BFN! Good luck hope AF stays away for a good reason!


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