23 September 2011


I promised so many times, over and over again that I will not disappear from the blog world, and yet again I find myself responding to my blog after such a long time.

It has been very difficult for me to write anything the last couple of months and I find myself still in the little same boat and with the same waves rocking this little boat of mine.

I find myself between a rock and a hard place and really didn’t know how to deal with everything that happen the last couple of months, but I think only time will tell.

We have a plan – Yes believe it or not. We have a plan. We have decided that we will officially enter the adoption process and contacted a number of adoption agencies, and I know that there are so many couples out there that will form part of this process and that we might or might not be selected to become adoptive parents, but I’m optimistic that there is a greater plan for us and that what will be will be. The agency we decided on for now will open application for adoption in the new year, so we would have to submit all the necessary forms, they will ultimately only be able to select 6 couples and obviously it will depend on whether we get selected in the process to become adoptive parents, so I will keep you posted on this progress starting January.

Then we have also decided that in January it is time for us to go back on treatment. Yes can you believe it after such a long break I am ready to tackle the bull by its horns again. It is time for us to not play it save anymore, its time to not worry about all the emotions that go with it and to just do it! I came to realize that if you try and spare yourself any pain throughout this process you will never be able to fulfill your dream to have your perfect family. So officially in the New Year we will start going back.

Now i'm sure you would want to ask – why only the New Year, so here it is. There are a couple of conscious decisions we had to make, one of them was to change our lifestyle, and we had to set a target date for that. We have decided that from October – December we will make all those changes in our life and in and around our house, once all that’s done, we no longer have to worry and stress about these things and that we could focus on our next goal and that is to start our family.

As you would all know, I have been with a specific clinic all this time, and don’t have any issues with them, but in order for me to go to treatment and still be able to deliver things at work we would also like to investigate alternative fertility clinics, I have to be honest and say that it is not going to be easy for us to make this transition, but I managed to discuss this at work and after having so many issues with trying to get time off and now have the opportunity to do so and not take advantage of it, I would have to look for the most effective place to go. So I’ve started a bit of research and asked a couple of friends and everyone is giving their opinions which makes it a bit more difficult for me to decide. Some people try and look at success rate, I tried to get some stats on this, but maybe I suck at doing research cause I couldn’t get much, other people talk about the fact that some places have pregnant woman there, so ya the question is: Can I deal with that, and then there’s so many other opinions out there…. WHAT IS YOURS?

So I might not be able to blog about fertility or the adoption progress for the next 3 months, but I will be able to let you know how I am, and our progress of changes our life

Keep well you all, and I truly hope you are still reading my blog. Let me know you are still there!


  1. Ek soooo bly jy gaan weer probeer en oor al di nuus in jou lewe en besluite!!! Ek dink vreeslik baie aan nou en bid en hou duime vas, girl!! alle sterkte en hou my GROOT asb op hoogte!!

    Baie liefde

  2. I'm so happy you have a plan! And I have missed you- dont' stay away so long!!

  3. Great...glad u have a plan in place! Yay!!!


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