19 January 2012


So I'm standing and typing the message while I'm waiting for hubby to finish off at work. At last I have some time to quickly post anything on my blog.

It has been a awesome year so far and 2011, had a number of positive things for me. I think one of the most critical (not necessarily positive) things for me was that I had a break from IF and all the planning, appointment and then disappointments, and this year became the year of focus again for us.
Today I thought I'll give you a update on that exactly.

So I was planning to go back to the clinic this month, but I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I have a 26-28 day cycle but this month I'm sitting on day 33 today and AF has still not arrived. WTH? I normally don't have this. I have a lot of cramping and it feels that it's time for her, but nothing yet. So I suppose I would have to wait and see. Or maybe I really counted my days wrong!

I don't know if maybe just maybe by the grace of God I might be... No I can't think that right now. I haven't even tested yet. Don't want the disappointment but something is up...

So that's me.. And where I am, how are you?

** Update 20/01/2012 - still nothing
** Update 21/01/2012 - Nothing - thinking I should POAS
** Update 22/01/2012 - Nothing (see new Post)


  1. Our bodies always find a way to surprise us, don't they? If it were me, and I was that late, I'd be testing first thing tomorrow morning. Even though I know the most logical outcome, I'd have to know and not wonder. Best of luck to you, whatever you decide.

  2. Oh, boy. If you can hold out on testing, I would be amazed!

  3. Oi! I'd do a test!!! You just never know...


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