18 December 2008

A whole mouth full

Well I haven’t been able to write anything since September and I have to be honest, I really didn’t feel like it either. Since then so many things has changed in my life. Acupuncture is still underway, I still go weekly to be punctured all over, not sure when this will become enough in my life… seeing that all little things is starting to get the better of me. I really feel so moody these days, and the slightest little things will irritate the living daylights out of me. I suppose it’s just the time of the year when one starts to reflect on the past year, and realise that you still have not accomplished what you so hoped for. On the other hand, our two pups are great; there isn’t a day that they don’t fill my life with joy. Devonté had a knee operation last month, and he healed very well. He is up and going again, and it almost seems as if he had no problem. On the other hand, Uschcá is growing up so quickly, she is so sweet… sometimes I really think we should have named her licky tongue, cause every time she comes close to you she starts to lick you all over. She is rally gorgeous. On 15 December my cousins’ wife gave birth to their second child a healthy little boy, but on the other hand one of my friends also miscarried on the same day… so you find yourself in a whirl of emotions, glad for the one and heartbroken with the other one, especially because they have also been struggling to fall pregnant for a while, and all we can do is be there for them, listen and support where we are needed. Work wise… now this is a challenge, we are restructuring, O yes, be big “R” word: Restructuring. With this it really brings up a whole bunch of stuff, and even though I am not a permanent worker for this company and only contracting through my company at this one, it still influences you greatly. For once in my life I could say that I really enjoyed the team I’ve been working with, and now some of us are moving out, we will join new teams. I suppose change is the inevitable, and we would just have to settle in where ever we are moved to, however the uncertainty is killing me. They say that a change is as good as a holiday, but I doubt if this change will be as good as a holiday if we just come from holiday. Now it’s just the big wait to see what and where to from now. Really not a great place to be in prior to the festive season, and having to deal with this till January when these changes will effectively take place. Ag but I’ll have to quickly learn to place these thoughts on the sideline so that I can have a great festive and New Year. I’m greeting for now, but will make sure I add something more often. Thank you for all the mails received from you all so far. Enjoy the day


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