06 January 2009

Exciting News!

So the New Year has started and I can’t be more exited about this year. I got a funny mail form the genebase webpage, that someone has actually sent me a mail after I registered when last… couldn’t believe it, and so I signed onto the webpage because you’ll know that I’m a very curious person. So there was a message from a lady called Giorgette. Now who in life would this be as I know of no one called even close to this... Anyway the lady mentioned that she might know me and left a mail address at the bottom of this message. I took the mail address of the webpage yesterday and decided to mail Giorgette to see how or if we could possibly be related. I mailed her asking how she believes we are related, and had to sit and wait for the answer. As quick as which I sent the mail I contacted my uncle to find out whether he knows of this lady, he responded that he did have a cousin called Giorgette, but he doesn’t know where they are. Anyway now I just had to wait it out. Eventually yesterday at about 4:00 I received a mail back, a mail with copies of photos I didn’t even know anyone had out there. When I opened these photos I sat in my office while the tears ran down my face, it just reminded me of my childhood, and the people I so deeply loved. Well Giorgette is family; her farther is the brother of my grandmother. Her mom aunts Alet always use to visit my grandmother and I vaguely remember her I just wonder why no one ever mentioned them again…mmmm… Anyway, I sent a reply on the mail as she mentioned that I need to confirm some of the information which will indicate that I am family, and then she will be in the position to provide me with more information… no I have to be honest, I can’t wait to find out what more there is that she will be able to tell me… maybe….maybe she might know something about my brothers and sisters, maybe her mother told her… maybe my mother told her as apparently she and my mom were close… maybe…maybe…maybe!


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