26 January 2009

Birthday Planning

What a week I had last week…. Well the week started off being a very quiet week, and then a sudden turn on it on Tuesday when I received a call from my sister in law, asking that we need to plan her sons’ 6th birthday party for Saturday. Let me tell you, you have never seen a party unfold as quickly as this one. In 2 days we arranged everything and were able to send out the invitations and obtain the RSVP’s… Well the little one chose to have the new Ben 10 character as the main theme for his party, now let me tell you, never try to obtain anything for a new Character in SA within 3 days. Everywhere you shop you need to at least have 28 or 7 shipping days, now only having about 4 this is really not the way to go. On Thursday we were travelling all over the show, phoning, asking, and searching for Ben 10… I think in between all these searches I actually had nightmares of Ben 10 and his 10 little alien friends. Anyway, eventually after a whole day of search we managed to obtain some stuff with Ben 10, and were able to make a few party packs for his pre-school mates… seeing that his birthday was actually on Friday. We thought that it’ll actually be nice to send something over to the school. We managed to make him a few party packs, had cup cakes made with the Ben 10 character which came out lovely, and off we went on Friday morning to deliver this at school. Now all the planning had to go into Saturday, as he had a couple of mates over, well mostly cousins, and 2 other friends. We also made them a couple of party pack, had a bigger cake made with Ben 10 and his alien friends, had a slip and slide etc… Upon arriving at the venue on Saturday morning, we had to decorate the spot, and made sure we have the slip and slide at the most exiting spot. As we were still blowing up the balloons some of the guest already started to arrive, but hey we were fast. After we were done, we started to entertain the children, and I suppose there were no child who didn’t enjoy the event. After most of the children put on dry clothing and become all worn out, the adults hit the slip and slide, and what fun we had... of cause none of us thought about the consequences the next day…


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