04 February 2008

Clues to all the riddles…

O Happy day… Well I got home last night, late as usual, due to all the power cuts and robots that are not working, but I suppose I can see it as some quality time with hubby in the car. Anyway, walked in and there it was… the one thing that I have been trying to get my hands on. Ya you guessed right, my adoption file. I eagerly scrolled through the file, as if I will be able to find anything related to my brothers. Knowing that it wouldn’t be there, I still had hope. I truly hoped that someone might have felt sorry for me and maybe just maybe slipped something into the file, my fingers and eyes didn’t want to be as quick as what I would have liked them to be, as I was trying to find the information related to all the riddles I dug-up so far…

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  1. Hi Stef,

    I'm glad that you have found some information. I also know that you have more than what you got from them.

    How is the things going with the investigator, hopefully you'll be able to get more


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