24 February 2008

First month, No Luck!

Well, well, well. I had to much hope for the first month. CD1 has arrived, and yes you know the next thing I’ll say is, I am not pregnant yet. I had my hopes up, and with that I truly believed, but no luck. Ferti-boost will be my friend for another month. Anyway, it’s just another trial and error. I don’t know how I should feel anymore, and I feel emotionally drained, but I just have to keep my head above water and keep swimming. Anyway, I requested an opinion from my GP a couple of weeks ago. I asked him to have a look at the results obtained by the lab regarding Pieter and myself. He apparently requested it a while ago, but till now he receives details in drips and drabs. He is unable to obtain all my results at once, so I just have to hang in there and wait. I don’t know why it is that you battle so much to obtain all this information even though you pay for it to be done, over and above all, it’s not as if the details is someone else’s… for peat sakes, it’s mine. I am desperate now, and the more desperate I become to find out what exactly is going on, the more impatient I become… I suppose I need to hang in there…


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