10 February 2008


Well let’s just capture everything I have so far, maybe there is something out there that I have not yet considered. Just maybe I’m lucky. Where do I start… okay here we go My mom fell pregnant at a very young age (16), like I said very young. Anyway, she got married to a guy called Mr. J Shakalli in April 1977, and the two of them moved to Cape Town shortly after their marriage. While they were living in Cape Town, my mom and her mother never had any communication during that time, and apparently in 1977 when she fell pregnant, she advised my grandmother that she had a miscarriage. (Which we now know never happened as my sister was born and handed over for adoption in 1977. There are currently no details available for her on files). She and Shakalli had huge marriage problems and got divorced in 1978 by that time she should have been pregnant again with my elder brother Quinton Shakalli who was born 1978. My mother then returned home to her parents, and then met a guy Mr. F Croucamp. They lived together in Secunda and my mother fell pregnant from him. On 3 December 1979, Stefanie Shakalli was born out of wedlock. Mr. Croucamp chose to break off all communications with my mother and did not pay any custody. (My mother handed me over for adoption to my grandmother and father and the adoption took place in 13 January 1981. I was then later adopted by Mr and Mrs De Wet on 29 September 1989. (Mr. De wet was the brother of my mom) My mother met Mr. W Smith, and got married on 27 February 1981. They lived in Johannesburg, she then once again fell pregnant and on 9 May 1981, my youngest brother Hendrik Smith was born. My grandfather, grandmother, uncle, and mother passed on in life, so no one is available to answer all these burning questions in my life.

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  1. Hi you,

    What a recap, I am glad that you've managed to find more information. You are one step ahead, and I know this has lead you one step closer to your dream


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