21 April 2008

A short note

Another weekend has flown by... It feels like I never had a weekend break away and here I am back at work. Luckily for me I’ll be off for a whole week next week, but first I have to get through this week and all its challenges. So this weekend was fun, we went to my sister in law for a braai on Friday night, which was nice for a change as it wasn’t at our home. Saturday was fun, Pieter agreed to go shopping with me, we went to look at new garden features for our home, I went and bought new spinning shoes, and we just enjoyed the day. Sunday was better though. We went to watch Theuns Jordaan perform, now normally I don’t listen to this type of music, but I have to be honest, that man… girls… “Hy mag maar”. I really enjoyed it, afterwards we went and bought a DVD and CD, waited for him to sign it, and I took a picture with him… Yes… a nice picture… Do you feel jealous yet? And then of cause tomorrow (22 April 2008) is my day out of the office. I’m going out on a business trip. I’m flying to Cape Town for the day. We will be leaving at 10 and will return at 17:10 tomorrow night. So I’ll only get back in Johannesburg at about 19:00. Now I feel sorry for myself, because… ya you guest it, I’ll only get home at about 21:00, but still, it aught to be fun. At least there is some things in life that could still make life interesting. I truly miss all of you. I haven’t been chatting on the forum for a while now, as I just couldn’t get myself to go and say anything. I miss your comments and I miss our chats… Keep well


  1. Hey this is exiting… Don’t you some support. I will gladly accommodate a flight into my schedule. O and yes, thanks for the note on Theuns. Girl you one up on me, I am envious

  2. What a guy. I'm so envious, whish I could get a hug. Share the picture… come on…come on share!

  3. Hi Stef,
    Share the picture. I love his music, and will any day take a picture with him. So don't be nasty with the rest of us, share the photo


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