05 March 2008


Well here we are 5 March 2008 has officially arrived and no news yet. I’m going crazy. Being the type of person who loves to be on top of all, I feel so out of it. I suppose all good things come to those who wait, but patience is not one of my good trades… I thought that I’ll focus on a little message to all adoptees’ today, wanna sound like a lecturer, seeing that I know some of the stuff, as I go through this daily We all may have a great desire to find our biological family, after you find out that you have been adopted. It normally doesn’t matter how we find out, let me tell you, we have no need to be ashamed about the fact that we have been adopted, as we don’t have any control of what had happened, and be sure that there could have been nothing we could have done to prevent this from happening. One thing is for sure, you must never reject your adoptive family, they are the people who stood by us all those years, and they guided us, and moulded us into what we have become today. Talk to them about the fact that you are in need to find your biological family, they might and most probably will feel rejected, but assure them that you will never exchange them for your biological family. Let them know you love them, and that they are your family. I need to tell you… once you open this can of worms, you can never turn back. Take it from me, I am in search of my biological brothers and sister for a couple of years already, with no luck so far, but the more you find the more you dig… the more you dig, the more riddles you find… the more riddles you solve, the more hurtful it becomes, and so the whole list can grow and grow… I need to run, enough preaching for today. I’m phoning that PI today… I just can’t sit here and waiting for information anymore… I need to take action, and start tracing them myself again… It almost felt that by searching myself I got information much faster than waiting for anyone else. TA for today!


  1. Hi dolla,
    Hope things are going okay on that side. I think about you. I know this has been a journey for you. You're in my thoughts and prayers

  2. I think of you, you're in my thought the whole day, and every time I get time to read your updates I just learn a bit more about you. You are truly and amazing person Stef. You encourage people and always have a smile on your face, even in difficult times you seem to bring out the good in everyone. I whish I could have been there for you more...


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