20 March 2008


Good morning all you wonderful people… What a day, I’m so glad the rainy weather is gone; it really makes me feel all chirpy again… Anyway, I went to see the doctor last night. Just couldn’t wait anymore. I really stressed about the results, and as you know a whole lot of negative thoughts clutters your brain, but not everything is bad. Well let me give you the update for NOW. For NOW, the blood test is positive. Which means…? Yes… Yes… I’ll be a mommy soon, but… aaaa doesn’t the “but” just de-motivates you… but the test that they have done regarding the ovulation, shows that I’m not ovulating. I know exactly what question pops up in your mind, how could I be pregnant if I don’t ovulate, and why didn’t the lab pick it up… Well doctor got all the previous results of all the blood test that has been done, and we have never done an ovulation test. So no one has ever testing whether I ovulate or not, and now the test shows that I’m not, but the pregnancy test also shows that I’m pregnant. I will have to go back for another blood test to see whether I am officially pregnant within 2 weeks, as they will then be able to confirm. If I am not pregnant, doctor will put me on some meds to sort out the ovulation thing and we will then wait and see what happens. If I am, I’ll let you know, but for now, it’s another 2 week wait. Have a supper day, and enjoy your Easter… If you are going away for Easter, drive safely, and for those who will spend time at home hope you have a wonderful time. And Enjoy the valuable time you have with your loved once…

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  1. i am so happy for you, i really hope you are going to be a mommy this time around and that you are preggies...

    you must be sitting on the edge of your chair wishing the 2ww away

    good luck with the 2ww


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