03 March 2008

Show time emotions

Hey its Randfontein show time… this is really a time for me to spend some quality time with my family and friends. My cousin and his wife was here again, they came through from Secunda on Friday morning… well let me tell you, emotions ran high again. She’s officially also not pregnant as mentioned in a previous message. Even though she was telling everyone that they are planning and that it has to happen as she longs for another child. Anyway, they came through like I said on Friday… Friday was a very quite day. My sister-in-law and I were on our way searching for some spinning gear, as we started exercising… We had a lekker braai for the evening which was great… Saturday… Ya Saturday was show time… lots of stalls, lots of entertainment, rugby and of cause the Beer tent. We had such a ball, myself and my cousin danced on the rugby felt… mmm a shark with a bull… well the comments was flowing because a shark danced with a bull, but who cares, it was fun, everyone that passed us had something to say about either the sharks or bulls. Then we landed up in the beer tent, where they had a DJ for the day… my cousin and I was dancing in the front every now and then… We had a young group of people who were giving my poor cousin some snotty comments because they thought he was gay, but all in all we had loads of fun. There was even a not so straight guy who was chasing me around the tent because he wanted to dance… Have you ever seen someone run faster and longer than Forrest Gump…? Well if not, you should have seen Stefanie run… For the evening we had to continue the great fun for which we went out to bundu-inn, and danced some more, which turned out to be an evening of fights and unnecessary jealousy. Sometimes I wonder why people turn out to be so possessive; I always believed that jealousy is a vicious illness, and some ladies use their children to ensure that they either stay married or just to get back at their husbands. I just can’t believe that some ladies will actually use a poor child for their own gain. This really upsets me terribly. Enough of that because I will just loose myself in such a discussion, anyway the evening out really did me wonders, I felt myself, something I really didn’t feel for a very long time. Between all the struggles wit IF I lost myself in the spinning world of IF… which I know is not such a great space to be in, but for some reason I just could get myself out of the slump of not being on the motherhood side. We got home eventually about 3 Sunday morning, and decided to have a braai, while my poor cousin was struggling to rub a pulling mussel out my calf, which didn’t seem to work. Even though he managed to relieve some pain, the morning when I got up, it was still pulling… but such is life. Anyway, Sunday was a very quiet day. All the people left early morning, and hubby and his brother went over to my in-laws to work on the “bakkie”… then we went out for supper, and we were able to spend quality time as a family, and regain our strength for the week… all in all we had about 6 hours of sleep for the weekend, and had to regain strength somehow. I have to say, I feel tired and torn down, but on the other hand, I also feel healthy and positive about my life… I seem to have had a great weekend, and found myself again. So, on a positive note I can end this message and say… GIRLS Stefanie is back!


  1. Welcome Back Stephanie! :)

  2. Welcome back girl... Glad to see you picked yourself back up.

    You are always on my mind...

  3. SHE'S BACK!!!!
    Welcome back sweetie, we missed you. Sounds like you had an interesting weekend... I'm sure there is more to tell... share on mail... you've got the addy


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