11 March 2008

Sick as a dog

Hi, hi… Well today is not one of my best days, nor was yesterday… the weekend was fun though. We went over to a old school friend of mine for a braai, and had a wonderful time. Saturday was the wedding… the bride looked wonderful, as every bride looks; when they start to walk down the isle you get this huge lump in your throat. Anyway, the evening was also very special, and they really made a lot of effort to let there guest feel at home. At about 2 the morning, everyone crashed in the guesthouse we were sleeping at, and guess what… I got very little sleep. Sunday started of well, we returned from the wedding, very drowsy as we didn’t have a lot of sleep, got home and had to entertain my friend and her family, as well as my family in law. We made a potjie, which turned out to be a very pleasurable day. We jumped into the swimming pool boots and all, and those who didn’t just got thrown in. So Monday came, got up very nauseous. Had a bit of coffee, which weren’t one of the greatest ideas. I got to work, tried some breakfast, which didn’t work well with the tummy, and just left the food thing for someone who can appreciate it. And so Tuesday arrived in all its glory… a super nice day, with a bit of rain, but Stefanie is still not feeling well. I still can’t keep food down, and coffee makes me feel even worse. The only thing that upsets me the most is that once you feel like this everyone’s got their own little opinion, and as you would guess, ya everyone would say your pregnant. Thought about it though, went home last night and actually did a home test, which came out with a HUGE dark negative line, so I guess its suppose to be something else. Something in the air, something I ate or drank, who knows? I just feel crappy.


  1. Hi Stef,

    Girl, it might not be pregnancy or it might, you'll know. I know you are desperate for a little one in your life, but let the Doc rather check it out.

    Don't jump to conclusions, as they might lead to greater disappointment if it's not true

  2. Hi there,

    Any feedback for us yet? Keep me in the loop...

  3. mmm, someone could be pregnant... Girl I'm praying for you. Keep me posted


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