17 March 2008

Promised update on work offer and more

And so another week begins. I have promised you all an update on my work offer. Well here it goes. They say the grass is always greener on the other side, and it sure looks that way, but when you’re standing on a crossroad what makes you decide which road to take, there are about 4 different routes, and only one route that are meant for you… Well I got the most stunning offer from a telecommunications company. You see, a while ago I decided to put my curriculum vitae in the market, as I wanted a new challenge, and to my surprise this company has phoned me for an interview for a Project manager position. When I arrived for the interview it was the most comfortable interview I have had in my whole working career. I got there; we did the interview outside on their patio, overlooking the most stunning piece of earth I have seen in a very long time, anyway… I would be working at project manager in the business environment for about 4 months after which I will be moving over to their international projects… This is just amazing, what an excellent opportunity. I left there with the happiest feeling… I couldn’t have imagined that I will feel this way. I felt like a girl that got a new toy or something… and so I had to wait for the official contract / letter of appointment, and… So the day arrived when I received the letter, but… as this day arrived, I was standing at that crossroad I have been talking about. You see, in the time I have been waiting for this letter to come my way, something else has already surfaced… to my surprise though… I went to see the GP like I told you all on Wednesday 12 March 2008 and to my surprise Dr asked me to do a urine sample for him… I first asked why? He told me to just go do it quickly. I went, and on my way back I handed the thingy to him and off he went. After a while Dr returned and said, Negative… Negative? What is negative I asked. He said ALL the symptoms I show, and the internal examination everything shows that I am pregnant, except for the urine test that shows negative. I’m stunned… what the? I guess I have your attention now, don’t I? Anyway, Dr asked me to do a few more test including a pregnancy blood test on Sunday 16 March 2008, which I have done yesterday, and now I suppose I have to wait and see… Anyway, on the job thing…. I thought about it long and hard, and even though the offer is stunning, I’m just not in the position to take it at this point in time, so instead I had to stay on the straight long road. Maybe I’ll be able to take my left turn at my crossroad on another day.


  1. Hi Stef,

    Sorry to hear that you have not taken the opportunity... but I understand why. Do you have any feedback on the blood tests yet?

  2. You have my attention! Stef, I know you have struggled for a very long time. I am excited, can't wait to hear the results. Please keep me updated.

  3. Hey

    Sorry to hear that you could not accept the "dream job"... but I understand your reasonings....

    Any news from the dr yet?

    Thinking of you


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